Web Conferencing Vs. Video Conferencing – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Before diving in, it should be noted that with the advancement of technology Previously separate types of video communication tend to converge. So, the question of web versus video conferencing could be viewed as technologies on a spectrum rather than of completely separate things. However, technologies today still tend to fall more than one side or the other. They serve different purposes depending on their relative strengths and weaknesses. Many business owners are confused about the difference between web conferencing and video conferencing.

This article aims to clear up any confusion and help you find the best solution for your organization. All forms of web and video conferencing involve both an audio and visual connection. The type that best meets your needs depends on the purpose of your meeting and the resources available. Here we describe both web and video conferencing. After reading this article the business owners can easily choose the best business conference call.

Basic Understanding of Both Solutions

·Video Conferencing

In general, video conferencing is all about the quality of video delivery. The goal is to connect people in different offices with a very high quality video and audio. So, they feel like they are in the same office and everyone is sitting together at a large conference table. For this purpose, dedicated cameras and microphones (often designed specifically for the particular meeting room). They use it to obtain full audio and video coverage of the participants in the room.

Large screens are used to show distant rooms. Video and audio information is often managed by local servers. It is installed at each location and sent over dedicated network connections for maximum fidelity. In a way, the idea of the video conferencing tool is to simply remove the walls between one conference room and another.

·Web Conferencing

On the other hand, this type of conferencing tends to start with the premise of the simplest technology for all. So, that anyone, anywhere and on almost any hardware device can participate, even while driving with a mobile device.

Therefore, this conferencing generally begins with the baseline of a conference call. With video (and some other collaboration features) optionally added to view people’s faces and expressions. Plus, to share documents or screens of a computer. Since this conferencing generally uses the audio from each participant’s computer + webcam. Then sends the information over the public internet (rather than using dedicated cameras, microphones, servers, and networks).

In addition to being more universal, these conferencing tools have some advantages over the other types of information they can contain. Most of these tools include chat, polling, and screen sharing features. The most advanced have recording management capabilities and transcripts. Plus, an interface to media management systems for a complete meeting experience.

Final Comparison

In comparison, you can also participate in a web meeting via a web browser with an internet connection without downloading. It is more flexible to if you have web conferences with multiple participants in different locations. In many cases, this conferencing is as simple as sharing a link and meeting identification with the desired participants. Additionally, this conferencing software generally includes the features. Then you would enjoy traditional conference videos software.


Some Benefits of The Business Conference Call

The focus on reducing business expenses is ubiquitous. Any type of web or video conferencing is a great solution. They allow you to connect and collaborating with people in different locations even when you are not in same room.


Everyone has a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. While video conferencing equipment can be expensive to invest in. The web conference will save your business money in the long run by significantly reducing cost of travel.

·Equipment Effectiveness

A two-person video conference requires a webcam for each meeting location. Plus, an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth for video. But the web conference only requires that everyone involved have access to a computer. So, all computers have the same conferencing software.

·Increase The Productivity

Meetings and employee training courses can be made much more efficient with online web conference. Also, it saves you’re a lot of costs. As they can be attended by all employees regardless of location, improves communication between employees and departments. As a result, meetings can be faster and more decision-oriented, engagement increases, and employees can get their jobs done.

·Basic Purpose of Both  

In general, it can be said that video conferencing is used for real-time communication and conference videos. However, web conferencing is used to share content such as slides, documents.

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