Wearable Mobile Devices-U2and R7 series-Free up Your Hands

More Efficiency, More Mobility

Urovo wearable terminals  are ergonomically built for enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue, enabling more efficiency and flexibility. With multiple functions of managing the data, the wearable terminals facilitate workflow productivity extremely.

What Is a Wearable Computer?

A wearable computer refers to a computing device that can be worn on the body. Urovo’s wearable computers are purpose-built for logistics, inventory management and warehouse management. Out of the merit of wearability, the wearable computer is suitable for picking up goods, collocating goods, etc. They feature easy configuration, auto-discrimination, multiple interface options, and data processing.

What Are the Merits of Urovo U2 Wearable Terminals?


  • Hands-Free Design

The compact wearable terminal will free employees’ hands and fasten their pace when working. Integrated with the ergonomic design, it will reduce fatigue greatly, meanwhile expedite the operation speed and promote the efficacy to a new level.

  • Clear Display

The leading 4.0-inch industrial grade color capacitive touch screen presents an exquisite display effect. With high touch sensitivity, multi-touch operation is supported and the gloved finger will also work.

  • Abundant Application Scenarios

Employed with low power consumption Bluetooth, it is compatible with multiple Bluetooth devices, 2D scanning ring, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth printer and RFID reader. That extremely extends the application scenarios.


  • Durable and Long Battery Life

The wearable terminal costs slight power consumption. With the collocation of a professional docking port, the charging efficiency and transmission speed have been significantly improved. Furthermore, meeting with the IP65 industrial protection grade and passing the 1.5m drop test, the device is proven to be a durable and rugged wearable computer, excellent for highly mobile workflow.


The unique trap design of the U2 wearable terminal  delivers convenience for the users. By wearing the wearable computer on the wrists of your employees, they can keep both hands free for movement scanning. In addition, the large screen offers more information at a glance and facilitates data management more efficiently. Moreover, staff doesn’t have to put their goods down for the sake of handling the information. Furthermore, go with the Bluetooth wearable scanner, working efficiency would be advanced to a higher level. It would be a perfect match for that R7 ring for scanning and a U2 wearable computer for data processing.

Bluetooth Wearable Scanner



  • Lightweight and unique wearable ring design
  • Available to read 1/2D barcodes
  • Easily pair to smartphones and tablets
  • Long-range Bluetooth connection and data transmission over 50 miles
  • Battery capacity reaches 1000 mAh, lasting over 12 hours
  • Bilateral buttons design

Urovo U2 wearable mobile computer pairs with a Bluetooth wearable scanner . Why can the ring scanner work for such a long time in a high-intensitive way? Because R7 wearable scanners feature 1/2D professional and fast scanning head and a super-capacity battery of 1000mAh, therefore they ensure continued and high-intensity work. Bilateral buttons design enables operation by both hands. The ring design of the R7 series brings convenience for the users. They can be worn on the back of the fingers with a lightweight size to keep both hands free for movement scanning.

What Can Wearable Scanner  Do?

With Urovo wearable terminals, there’s no need for your mobile workers to find, pick up, and set down a handheld scanner. And with greater efficiency comes greater productivity, it helps your business keep pace with demand while reducing labor costs. Please browse our selection of wearable computers and wearable ring scanner s below.










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