Want to become a Copywriter? Some simple tips to follow

To become a Copywriter is the kind of new profession that we see regularly passing the name, without really knowing what it is.

If I do a survey of 400 comrades from my business school class, I’m sure only a handful would vaguely know what that is.

The rest would certainly imagine that this is a post related to trademark law (the “Copyright”).

Copywriting is not a new discipline, however. There were already Copywriters in the 1950s.

With the Internet, these positions have taken on a new dimension. Maginesolutions is offering its best online copywriting course in very low price. You can learn copywriting from beginners to advance level from this great online course.

What does a Copywriter do?

You must first understand that a Copywriter falls into this category of jobs for which there is no precise job description.

The role of a Copywriter can vary greatly depending on the company and industry.

That being said, Copywriting refers to the art and science of convincing with words.

It is a sub-discipline of Marketing, which is generally used with a business objective. Copywriting is used, for example, to improve the conversion of its pages and sales funnels.

Unlike other writing functions that can be found everywhere on the Internet (especially oriented for natural referencing), the Copywriter aims to create an emotional connection with the reader.

It aims to trigger a reaction in the person reading his text. This may be:

  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Participate in an event
  • Recommend a service to a friend
  • Accept a quote, as part of a commercial prospecting
  • Negotiate a price with a supplier
  • etc

Today, the majority of copywriters write on the Internet. But the field of expression of the first copywriters was none other than the sales pages of magazines or newspapers. Their mission was simple (but incredibly complex): to make the reader want to buy the object of which they praised the merits, in a few hundred words.

Copywriting is both an art and a science.

An art, because it requires creativity that the Copywriter has been able to develop thanks to his experience. Because it is an endless exercise for which there is no right answer, nor one foolproof technique.

A science, because there are methodologies developed by the best Copywriters, which have proven their effectiveness time and time again. Because Copywriting relies on human biases, behavioral psychology, and the ability to tell stories.

Today, with the Internet, the applications and needs are almost endless. Copywriting is everywhere. It differentiates us from those who carry out a similar activity.

How to become a Copywriter?

There is no formal training or “royal” way to become a Copywriter.

There are quite a few obscure online training courses, but no Master Copywriting in Business Schools (it’s just if there are any Drinking Masters in Marketing).

This is both good news and bad news.

Bad, because you have to fend for yourself to learn.

A good one, because it means that the competition is very low, especially in France.

If a skill is rare and there is no typical course, then it is valuable . It gives you the opportunity to stand out and do what others don’t.

3 steps to become a Copywriter:

1. Read a lot

To write well, you must first read a lot.

It’s not me saying it, it’s all successful authors and writers who repeat it.

It’s logic. The only way to know if a text is good is to have read hundreds of it before to have points of comparison. Gradually, the connections will be made in our brain and our sensitivity will be refined.

Reading is an excellent way to expand your circle of knowledge and general culture.

For a Copywriter, this is essential. He must constantly be able to find examples and references relevant to the person he is speaking to.

For 2 years, I read a book a week. This is the best choice I made.

2. Write a lot


Full-time copywriter requires the ability to write a lot, every day.

To achieve this, there is no real secret: you have to prepare and get used to it.

You don’t run a marathon overnight, just because you want to. You have to prepare for it and acclimatize your body several months in advance before achieving it.

The easiest way to start is to start small. To write a little here and there, on subjects that interest us.

Gradually, you have to adopt a solid writing routine and be regular in your efforts.

Then it becomes like any muscle when you exercise. The more you repeat the effort, the simpler it becomes and the more you can exceed your limits.

3. Show your work

Today, the most effective way to get a job in Digital Marketing is to train yourself in the field and show them off.

Create a site and make it take off.

Create a podcast that hits the mark.

For Copywriting (which is a sub-discipline of Marketing), it’s exactly the same.

Imagine getting into an interview for a video editor without having ever posted a video on the Internet.

Imagine arriving at an interview for a Copywriter position, never having published any article on the Internet.

The recruiter will have no objective basis to judge you and you will not be credible.

I started writing in February 2016.

In two years, I published a hundred articles on my Medium account, at a more or less regular rate of one per week.

I even wrote a book in December 2017.

All is not good, far from it.

But to write well, you must first agree to write moderately.

These hundreds of articles show that I take writing seriously. They give me credibility as a Copywriter. When you type my name on Google, that’s exactly what you come across.

Finally, it is essential to train continuously and never rely on what you think you know. Things are moving at breakneck speed. Learn the basics, develop your knowledge base, and keep asking yourself how to become better.

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