Voyage To Havana in 2021

Havana is the capital of Cuba and one of the 14 provinces of this republic. Havana is an incredibly lively, picturesque city that is now more accessible to tourists than ever. 

Filled with history and culture, this place invites everyone to experience the true spirit of Cuban freedom. That’s why tourists come to explore the many places to visit in Cuba and have this county on top of their list of must-visit places in 2021. So, without any doubt, make american airlines booking right away in any class and save up to 30% off on every flight to Havana. Read on to know the things you must try while visiting this beautiful country.

Sharing ideas with you for the perfect trip to Havana

Conquer el Morro Castle

El Morro Castle, guarding the entrance to the Bay of Havana, was built in 1589. The Spanish, British, Cubans – each in its own era – used the citadel to control the territory and protect it. The dry moat, well-preserved walls, and loopholes are interesting historical sites and popular tourist attractions. In the barracks, you can see how the soldiers lived. And from the ramparts, you will have a wonderful view of the sea and Havana.

Experience the classics of the 20th century at the Hemingway museum

Built in 1886 on a hill outside Havana, FincaVigia was the Cuban home of the American classic Ernest Hemingway. The cult works creation place was in this villa. They were “The Old Man and the Sea” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Now the delightful Hemingway Museum is open in the estate. The place however contains many of the writer’s personal belongings, and the rooms look as if he had just left them. Also, in addition, almost all of Havana you can see from the hill.

Find yourself in the childhood dreams of Fusterlandia

Havana’s amazing Fusterlandia neighborhood is the creation of José Fuster, who turned these streets into a strange, vibrant world. Starting with decorating his studio, the Cuban artist soon set to work on buildings, fountains, benches, sculptures, bus stops. Everything is covered with tiles and naive art that looks delightfully childish. Wandering around Fusterlandiais so great! These magical streets attract tourists and other artists who come here to open shops and exhibit their own art.

Explore the promenade of el Malecon

El Malecon stretching for 8 Kilometers is the main promenade of Havana. Also, walking amid the waves is a delightful way to spend the day admiring the sea and the architecture here. Moreover, El Malecon was built over half a century, so the buildings reflect different periods and moods. Small bars and restaurants dot the esplanade. Also, the fishermen try their luck along the waterfront. The sunsets are especially magnificent, painting the houses in reds, yellows, and oranges. Finally, visit the Museum of Colonial Art and photograph the statue of Antonio Gades. However, the statue is the famous flamenco dancer, in front of the imposing Palacio Del CondeLombillo.

Things to do In Havana

Dine at a restaurant in plaza vieja

There is one place in the Old City that needs to be mentioned separately. It is this is Plaza Vieja, which opened in 1559, almost the same age as Havana itself. Then it was known as New Square but gradually turned into an interesting historical monument. Plaza Vieja is however surrounded by beautiful colonial facades from different eras. Cuban Baroque mansions sit next to elegant Art Nouveau houses. At one time, executions, and holidays, and bullfights, and fair festivities took place here. Now you can not only take a trip back in time, but also get acquainted with the menu of bars, cafes, and restaurants that make Plaza Viejo very popular.

Buy a book in the plaza de armas

The oldest square in the Cuban capital is called Plaza de Armas (Plaza of Arms) because military exercises were held here. It is now a quiet place filled with palm trees and used book stands. In the center of the square, surrounded by stately buildings, stands the majestic statue of the revolutionary hero Carlos Manuel de Cespedes. Choose a book to remember your visit to Havana and take a break from the heat in the shade of palm trees.

Taste a strong drink at the rum museum

Another museum worth visiting is the Rum Museum located in the Havana Club. Here you will learn all the subtleties of the technology of distillation and production of this drink. You can even taste different types of rum. The old cellar of the colonial townhouse is enchanting! Your guide will show you how sugarcane is becoming a national pride. Expositions on the history of rum are fascinating, so the museum will appeal even to those who do not consider themselves a fan of strong alcohol.


Havana has a special magnetism that gives it its own personality. Perhaps due to the renowned friendliness and friendly nature of its people, perhaps because of that elegant and decayed air typical of its buildings, or perhaps because of the worn but lively color that predominates in the city. In short, it is worth every second of your time! Book a trip with Airlines Vacations and have a great time heading to all these places to visit in Havana!

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