Vastu Tips For The Perfect Office

Are you feeling dejected in your dream job? Do you continuously feel bored at your workplace and are unable to work? Do you feel that your work is not being appreciated by your colleagues or seniors even after putting in efforts? If the answer is yes, this could be because of a defect in the Vastu of the office.

Why is Vastu Important for Office?

Vastu Shastra- the ancient science of architecture ensures balance and harmony in a space. You might think that Vastu Shastra guidelines can only be beneficial for your home, but that’s not true. Any architectural project can benefit from Vastu guidelines.

The Vastu of your office or workplace will ensure the overall success of your business. Finance is at the core of every business, so it becomes crucial to follow Vastu guidelines. By following Vastu guidelines, you can maintain a flow of finances. To maintain financial stability and navigate pitfalls, the office design and décor should be such that it ushers in positivity and prosperity. For you and your colleagues to work efficiently, the office environment should be positive and healthy. The correct Vastu of a workplace can enhance work productivity and usher in luck and fortune. Vastu guidelines ensure that everyone benefits from it as it improves an individual’s holistic well-being. Moreover, if the office is Vastu-compliant, it will positively impact the career of every person associated with the office or company.

To find out what Vastu guidelines you should follow and if there are any Vastu defects in your workplace, you should reach out to a Vastu consultant. You can consult a Vastu consultant online on portals like Astroyogi.

Vastu Tips to Make the Office Vastu-Compliant

  • Financial documents should be locked in a locker or safe constructed in the South-West corner of the office. Make sure that the safe faces the North-East direction as this will ensure prosperity.

  • The staircase in the office must be constructed in the South or South-West direction. Ensure that there is no staircase constructed in the centre of the office as this can create obstacles in the office’s smooth functioning. It can also cause financial difficulties.

  • When selecting colours for the office, always opt for bright hues as bright colours can spread positivity and energise the employees. Bright colours also reflect light and can keep negative vibes away. Colours like blue, white, and pink prove to be good choices for the workplace. Also, avoid dull shades in the office as they bring sorrow to the workplace.

  • The reception area has a lasting impression on the visitors and guests. This is the area that invites positivity and prosperity, which is why you must ensure that the reception is built in the North-East or East direction of the office. Vastu experts suggest that the company logo should be on the Southern wall of the reception area. To attract prosperity and increase positivity in the reception area, keep Lavender flowers or green Jade flowers. Additionally, you can place a four-leaf Clover plant at the entrance of the office. This can invite fortune and good luck.

  • Business owners, especially entrepreneurs, must make sure their work desks are rectangular and built out of premium quality wood. Vastu Shastra suggests that metal or a glass table in an irregular shape is not lucky for any growing business. Moreover, it can also promote stress and confusion related to work.

These are some Vastu Shastra tips that you can incorporate into your office to create a positive and healthy workplace. From maintaining the flow of money to business stability, Vastu plays an essential role in every aspect of the office. When Vastu guidelines are correctly followed, your workplace will attract more financial prosperity and make it a holistic space for you to work. However, to achieve this, you need to get in touch with a Vastu consultant, who can offer you personalised Vastu tips for your office so that you can thrive and prosper on a professional and financial level.

When looking for a Vastu consultant, Astroyogi should be your pick. On the Astroyogi platform, you can find experienced, verified, and reliable Vastu consultants who can inform you of the Vastu guidelines that you should adhere to.

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