Troubleshooting: Netgear Nighthawk Router Not Working

Is your Netgear Nighthawk router giving you a headache because of its inability to work properly? Well, not all WiFi routers refuse to work. Chances are that yours is going through some trouble. But, worry not. For whatever reason your Netgear router is not working, the below-mentioned troubleshooting tips will surely help you out in resolving the issue. Thus, read on.

How to Fix the Netgear Nighthawk Router Not Working Issue?

  1. Restart Your WiFi Router

Usually, a simple restart is enough to get rid of technical devices. Perhaps you should try restarting your device too. Who knows it might work for you?

In order to restart your Netgear router, unplug it from the wall socket, disconnect it from the modem, wait for a couple of seconds, plug the router back into the outlet, power it on, and connect it to the existing modem.

  1. Move Close to the Router

One of the major reasons why you’re facing issues with your Netgear WiFi router is because it is surrounded by devices like cordless phones, washing machines, baby monitors, refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions, treadmills, aluminum studs, and Bluetooth speakers.

Such devices are known to cause interference in the WiFi signals of your router and cause issues like can’t access Nighthawk router setup wizard. Thus, make sure that you either move closer to your router or keep it away from such devices.

  1. Perform Netgear Firmware Update

If the firmware of your Netgear Nighthawk router is outdated, it may run into technical glitches. But, fret not. To fix this issue, all you need to do is update the firmware of your WiFi device.

Updating the firmware of your device won’t consume much of your valuable time. To update your router, you need to access the Netgear Nighthawk setup page, go to Settings, click on the Firmware Update button, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: You can also update the firmware of your WiFi device by using the Netgear router app.

  1. Fix the Hardware

A faulty hardware is another reason why your Netgear WiFi router is refusing to work properly. Thus, check whether the power cable connecting your device is worn out. In case it is, get the cable replaced immediately.

Also, if the power adapter plugged into the wall socket is damaged from any end, get it fixed too. Sometimes, hardware damages can lead to big technical issues. Thus, fixing them at the right time is pretty important.

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

Do you have a slow internet connection? Well, looks like you’ve found another reason why you’re facing issues like, not working, can’t access Netgear genie setup wizard, and much more. The only way to troubleshoot this issue is to ensure that your device has access to a blazing-fast internet connection.

Check the connection between your router and modem. The reason being, a poor internet connection is there result an unstable connection between your devices. Thus, make sure that your router and modem are properly connected.

It is recommended that you do not connect them wirelessly. Instead use an Ethernet cable to create a connection between your WiFi devices.

If none of the aforementioned tips have contributed in fixing your router, then perhaps you should give factory default reset a try. Resetting your Netgear Nighthawk router will restore it to its factory default settings. In other words, whatever changes you’ve made to your device will get restored to its default mode.

The Bottom Line

Once you are restoring your Netgear Nighthawk router to its factory default settings, check whether your router is working properly or not. In case it is still causing issues and giving you headache, get in touch with our highly experienced technical experts immediately.

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