Top Superfoods To Eat Per Day

When we strive to keep ourselves healthy in life, we focus on foods to avoid. However, a new approach says that you should focus on some superfoods to stay healthy. Superfoods can be those categories of fruits, vegetables, and other items that are vital for a human body to develop. Some of the latest food news and, of course, the latest food articles focus on these superfoods nowadays. Each one of them is quite rich in fibres, fats, and proteins. In this article, we will be talking about the top superfoods to eat per day in order to stay fit and healthy. 

Top Superfoods To Eat Every Day

1. Salmon

Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon fish comes at number first on this list. This type of fatty acids can help the body system remove clogging plagues in the arteries. Your blood starts getting thin, which can help you get out of the risks of a heart attack. Omega-3 fatty acids also have inflammatory properties quite effective in curing arthritis. 

2. Blueberries

The blue pigment in these berries contains potent antioxidants that help the body remove harmful molecules. Some molecules enter our body and damage the DNA structure, leading to the birth of cancer cells. Although blueberries have several other benefits, it is recommended to include other berries(like blackberries, raspberries) in your diet.

3. Eggs

The white part of the egg is all-rich with protein. Protein is the most important nutrient that a portion of food can have in itself. The yellow-part or egg yolk has high levels of cholesterol. Although teenagers can have both these parts in their diet, patients having diabetes are advised to have only the white part. It can be truly beneficial for them.

4. Broccoli

Among its family members like cabbage, cauliflower, and sprouts, broccoli is regarded as the most beneficial one. Broccoli contains high amounts of isothiocyanates and sulforaphane, which can help you destroy cancer cells. Broccoli is also rich in several nutrients like calcium, fibre, and vitamin C. Boiled broccoli can offer more benefits than a raw one. 

5. Beans

Beans are legumes that are low in fats and are extremely versatile. You can include beans in any recipe and it will fit well in all of them. These legumes contain many nutrients like iron, minerals, potassium, folate, magnesium, fibre, and proteins. Having one cup of beans every day can fulfil all shortcomings of almost all the nutrients. 

6. Yoghurt

Food news says Yogurt, especially Greek yoghurt is packed with calcium and other minerals. Those people who suffer from lots of stomach problems are advised to eat yogurt every day. Yoghurt kills all the harmful bacteria that results in stomach infection. It is rich in calcium, which is necessary to build healthy, strong bones.

7. Walnuts

Walnuts are rich in minerals, good fats, and calories. Walnuts are fully loaded with trans and saturated fats that are essential for a healthy body. You get all the vitamins in certain amounts after having these nuts every day. Consuming two walnuts every day can boost your health tremendously. 

8. Oatmeal

In case you are taking oatmeal every day, you are taking a healthy breakfast. Oats can help you prevent unnecessary snack cravings that can add harmful sugar to your intake. Oatmeals are quite rich in fibres, and you fill full after taking them. You can also add berries and vegetables to it to add more nutrients as well as taste. 

9. Olive Oil

Olive oil is used for salad dressings and sautéing, but you can have a daily intake of olive oil. It is rich in monosaturated fats, which are quite helpful in lowering cholesterol levels. Also, it helps you prevent rising blood sugar levels. You should consume one or two tablespoons of olive oil daily. 

10. Tea

Most people are in a habit of taking tea every morning. If you take green tea, it is quite beneficial for your health. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer. However, one should keep themselves away from the packed tea that can have sugar in excess. 


So, we have seen ten superfoods to eat every day. Nature has lots of love and health to give to humans. Still, the overall health ultimately demands on an individual. If he or she adopts healthy foods and habits, there are chances to live a healthy, long life. To get more information about the latest superfoods, you can search for food articles on the internet. From these articles, you will get to know all the latest updates and research on these superfoods. Always include them if you want to stay healthy in life. Finally, I would like to say that today’s life is full of stress and problems. It is crucial to have these superfoods to keep yourself active and fresh.


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