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Top Online Pranks to Play with Your Friends

Pranking is a fun thing to do if it is done within the limits. Oftentimes people enjoy getting pranked because it makes them feel special and that people are thinking about them. Pranks must be cured and such that people enjoy them rather than feeling mocked or disrespected. With every day’s previous routine, they are a good break and give people a good laugh. This can be done on your smartphone devices by utilizing technology in the best way possible. You can also do this in person if it cannot be done on devices.

Explain below are some famous pranks on the Internet that you will see going around everywhere in videos. Enjoy pranking your friends and go through these pranks:

Change your phone message

You can change your phone message on April fool’s day. What you can do is record your voice saying Hello, Hello, Is anyone there and then after a long pause you can finish it up with April fool. This is a lighthearted joke that most of the people laugh about.

Palms down

This is a funny one. You can tell your friend that you know a great wreck. After doing this you can put your hand palm down on the table and balance a glass full of liquid on the back of your hand. You can bet your friend that they cannot. When your friend decides to do it you will have to balance a glass on both hands at once and help them put in place. As soon as the glasses have been balanced on the hands of your friends you can stand up and walk out wherever you are. After doing this your friend will be trapped and clueless without knowing how to escape it.


In this prank you have to take the eggs from someone else’s refrigerator and hard boil them. After doing this you have to put them back in the refrigerator with all the un-boiled eggs. The other person will get mad when they will find out what you did to the eggs.

Scream snake

For this prank you need a rubber snake and some fishing line. You have to tie the fishing line around the snake and then attach the other end to the inside of any cupboard at what place that opens and closes. You have to set it up such a way that whenever the person you are trying to prank opens the door the snake will jump out. Or you can Simply put it on the lounge floor or anywhere where various people spend time.

Weight issue

This prank is to get the exact same clothes except a size smaller. What you have to do is swap and the small size with the original one. your friend or whoever you are playing the prank on will get pissed when they found out that whatever they bought doesn’t fit. Or they will think that they have gained a lot of weight.

Duct tape

This is a classic one, but it works every time. You have to stick some duct tape on the nozzle of a kitchen sink or bathroom tap. What do you have to do is you have to leave a little gap towards the front wherever someone is supposed to stand? The person will get annoyed and will not know what is happening at that very moment.

Dual remote

You have to spend some money on this one. Get a dual remote and change the channels when someone is watching TV. What is best about this prank is that you can use it in small doses whenever you want to. You just do not have to overuse it. If you will use the remote cautiously no one will know that you have it. 

Enjoy these pranks with your friends and your relatives. These are harmless but very funny when the ones who are close to you get to know about them. The good thing about these pranks is that people who are close to you will always play it on you. By this, the fun goes both ways and the prank fight gets interesting.

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