Top 5 Facial Hair Style Ideas for Grooms

Facial hair, over the centuries and with various civilizations, has represented several things. Ancient Egypt represented status and wealth, while the Romans used it as a sign of mourning. The Gaul’s, on the other hand, saw the loss of your beard as castration. To the 21st century man, facial hair is none of these and has taken up a whole new role. They are a fashion statement and accessory to one’s style, if you will.

Facial hair is the ultimate facial makeover. It can change the shape of a man’s face, completely changing how he looks in any piece of clothing. It’s cheap, adaptable, and pretty much versatile. It can turn any “baby face” looking man into an older, attractive suitor. 

It allows a man to become a chameleon. Beards are here to stay, regardless of what the bigwig razor manufacturers tell you. A clean-shaven man looks great but with a beard, his whole spectrum changes. A recent survey by YouGov showed that from 2011, the popularity of beards has gone up, and over 40% of British men spot some level of facial hair, and the full beard is the most popular option.

So, spotting a beard doesn’t make you look scruffy, and the best part about it is that there are a couple of products that help you manage and style it in various ways. If you’re looking for beard ideas to go with on your big day, something that will make the day memorable and you look stylish, —you’ve come to the right place.

Which Style Should You Go With?

The big question with facial hair is which style to groove with. It can get confusing choosing a facial hairstyle, and that is where this guide comes in. However, before selecting the facial hair form you’ll be donning for your big day, you should consider several precursor considerations. These are:

  • Your ability to grow facial hair
  • The shape of your face
  • The type of skin you have
  • Your level of commitment

Here are some facial hairstyles you can go with on your big day.

  1. The Beard Stache

This facial hairstyle falls in between a full beard and a subtle stubble. You could think of it as a hybrid since you keep your mustache much fuller and longer than all the surrounding hair. This style has been around for ages. It has gone by many names, including being called the “mullet of facial hair.”

When you do it right, you’ll be oozing masculinity on your big day, and that’s an unforgettable picture. This facial hairstyle portrays your fun, experimental side. It’s also reasonably practical since it’s the lightweight alternative to a full beard. 

Additionally, maintenance is pretty simple. Just whip on some mustache wax and comb it to perfection.

2. The Goatee

This style may not look like much but is pretty big on style. With minimal effort, you could achieve a goatee. It is, after all, the facial hair of choice for intellectuals with a hint of rebellion and Rockstars.

A goatee is any form of facial hair that is slightly above the lip and on your chin. The beards sometimes connect and create a sort of frame around the month. This facial hairstyle is representing a slightly artistic and villainous side. It’s a great choice if you want to appear spontaneous and mysterious on your wedding day.

3. Full Beard

Every man should grow a full beard at least once in their life. However, it may sound easy, but that’s far from the truth. With a great full beard comes much responsibility. It requires more maintenance, and keeping it out of your mouth is going to take some work.

But if you’re going to grow it despite the slight drawbacks, doing it for your wedding day is not a bad idea. Extending it for your nuptials will mean you have to take extra care of it, maintain and trim where necessary, and that right there is the actual labor of love.

4. The Stubble

In the past, the stubble represented a lazy man who ran out of luck, but today, it’s the opposite. Nowadays, a stubble —basically being halfway clean-shaven is widely accepted and rocked by lots of men.

This is the most accessible facial hairstyle to grow — you simply have to stop shaving for a couple of days. It’s also pretty simple to maintain and does well for almost all face shapes. A study by Northumbria University discovered that women prefer a man with stubble. Additionally, research from Remington— a grooming brand, shows that one in five men sexier with stubble.

A stubble may just be the secret weapon to elevate your style on your big day.

5. The Short Beard

The short beard is a versatile, much more friendly alternative to the “lumber-jack looking full beard.” It’s a dialed-down and neater version that is perfect for your wedding day or any day altogether. It adds gravitas to your overall style while giving you the insulation you’re looking for. A short beard will comfortably complement your sharp suit.


Anyone can grow a beard, but if you want to appear polished and well-groomed, maintaining it is the answer. If you put in love and care into your bread before your big day shows. Choose a facial hairstyle and keep it religiously for that day. You won’t regret it.

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