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To Achieve a Luxurious Table Setting

Are you hosting a dinner? Perhaps a special occasion such as your anniversary is coming up and you want to take your dinner set up a notch. A luxurious table setting can help to set the mood for a special dinner. It will get your guest(s) excited about what lies ahead. A simple meal served in special setting tastes like a feast.

Achieving a luxurious setting doesn’t have to mean investing in a new table, new furniture, or changing up your décor. There are subtle changes that you can make to your table setting that will elevate it to a setting worthy of royalty.

How to Achieve a Luxurious Table Setting?

  • Add table linen: Your table may be the most attractive table in the world but if you want to achieve that luxurious touch, you will need to cover it up. A table cloth, table runners, and napkins provide a soft canvas on which to arrange your dinnerware. They add layers to your setting that gives it an elegant touch. Go for plain tablecloths and table runners. White is a great choice as it is easy to pair other elements of décor and your set with it. Navy blue is also a great choice. Choose napkins made from cotton, flax, or cotton blends. You can use your napkins to add a touch of color to your setting. Use gold or silver napkin rings for that luxurious touch.
  • Invest in luxury dinnerware: Your dinnerware will set off the theme for your dinner. Luxurious dinnerware is the surest way to achieve a luxurious setting. Go for decorative pieces such as Turkish dishware, porcelain dinner sets, and other luxury sets for a refined look. A lavish table setting would include extras such as traditional coffee cups and luxury serve ware. If you have a small table or feel that the table may look too cluttered, you can include a small side table to hold serving dishes. Another alternative is to clear and replace dishes with each course.

  • Add a decorative touch with vintage cutlery: Cutlery may seem small but can have a big impact. The right cutlery can change the face of your dinner setting. Decorative vintage-styled cutlery is a great option. They will add a luxurious flair even to a simple setting. Go for gold plated cutlery if you want to make a bold statement. These pieces ooze with luxury. If you use silver cutlery be sure to polish it for the best effect.
  • Add some flowers: Flowers can make a big impact on the interior décor and more so your table setting. A beautiful floral arrangement is a great way to make a statement and take your dinner setting to a whole new level. Your centerpiece doesn’t have to be an elaborate floral arrangement. A few beautiful blooms can change up your setting. Be sure to keep the centerpiece short. A tall centerpiece will keep you from being able to communicate with people seated on the other side of the table.
  • Add some extras: There are various extras that you can add to your table setting to elevate it even further. These include a votive or candles to set the mood for the dinner as well as artwork as a background to your setting. Be sure to keep any décor pieces on the table below eye level. This will keep the banter going across the table. Music can also help you set a relaxed mood and help to get the conversation going.

Use the tips above to achieve a more luxurious table setting and enjoy your meal with your special guest(s).

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