Most Amazing Tips To Choosing the Best International School for your Child

Imagine what it would be like to get a transfer letter to work in another country. How does it sound? By now, you are probably covered by fear for your child’s education, the stress of moving into a new home, as well as endless rhetorical questions.

Moving into another country comes with a lot of excitement and great opportunities. But the task of finding the best international school for your child can be overwhelming! To help you out, we have provided you with the most amazing tips for choosing the best international school for your child. Let’s get down to business. 

Tips for Choosing the Best International School for Your Child

The following tips will assist you in choosing the best international school in Tokyo or any other school around the globe.

Engage with parents and students

Before enrolling your child in an international school, you need to have adequate information about the school’s good and bad. One of the best ways to get all the information is by engaging with parents and students at that particular school.

If you fail to get assistance, talk to your friends, and see if they can link you with anyone in that school. Whatever feedback you’ll get will be the right and honest opinion. Alternatively, you can ask for reviews on social media platforms like Facebook groups to help you make the right decision.

Check on the curriculum.

Different international schools may have a difference in the curriculum. Some are more flexible, while some are not. In some schools, the curriculum is structured to promote diligence and discipline in students. Expect to find something different from the curriculum of the last school your child attended in your country. Look for international schools that offer different curricula like Cambridge and International Baccalaureate.

School fees and other costs

Costs play a vital role in choosing the best school for your child. Many international schools charge quite a high amount of money and have additional costs for the first year.

Furthermore, school fees keep increasing in every academic year. On the contrary, you can find the whole fee breakdown on the school’s website. Before settling for a particular school, make an effort to compare the cost and fees of different schools because it may vary wildly across the globe.


Applying for the school should be among the important priorities on your list. Almost all international schools have waiting lists. Take note of the application deadlines and other requirements like relevant documents.

Additionally, many international schools may require students to sit for an entrance exam instead of providing grading reports for the previous school. Some don’t allow a new student to join in the middle of the academic year. For better results, visit the schools in advance to reduce the last-minute rush.

The Child’s Needs

All parents want the best school for their child but choosing the right school should be child-focused. It is essential to know their views on the new school. Know their feelings, hopes, and dislikes about going into a new school without making them control the whole conversation. Look for a school that they are happy and comfortable.

Take them along on the day of visiting the schools or during the entrance test. This way, you will get to know how they feel towards the new school. If their opinions are like yours, then you are good to go.


Before choosing any school, visit the school to check the environment and see if it matches your child’s strengths and weaknesses. If your child loves sports, a school with good sports facilities should be a priority.

If they love academics, look for a school that prioritizes academics a lot because a little destruction can mess up the whole thing and make them naughty. Check the facilities to see if they are conducive to your child’s well-being.

School’s Values

The ethos of a particular school helps in shaping the child’s behaviour and perspective. Most schools have set aside rules and regulations to be followed by the students.

Some principles can be religious to assist in educating the children. Check if your values match that of the school. Look for the schools’ motto to see the type of students they seek to produce. Most of all, find out how they plan to achieve their motto.

Familiarise yourself with the academics

It is essential to know the teaching style used in the school to learn the methods that will suit your child. Teaching is not all about money; it also requires passion and commitment. Know the staff to see if the teachers will nurture and produce the best version of your child.


The last tip to consider is logistics. Check if the school offers transport, meals, or if your child needs to carry packed lunch from home. If they provide transport, find out the routes they follow to see if it’s around your home. 

If they offer food, find out if it’s healthy, nutritious, and provide special diets. Make an effort to know the opening and closing hours so that you will pick them after work.

Taking your child to an international school can be a pain in the head. This article has provided you with the most amazing tips for choosing the best international school for your child. In case you are looking for the best international school, consider the tips outlined above.

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