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Tips for Booking Makeup Services at Home

Makeup is every girl’s love when it comes to becoming a show-stopper at someone’s wedding, their own engagement, their wedding, or at a party. Some women and girls have commendable makeup skills, however, some need professional help to get the desired look.

For the girls and women, who need help with makeup there are many salons. In addition to this, many online platforms are offering makeup services at home to help people stay safe from COVID-19 effects.

8 Important Makeup Styles You Can Choose From

Whether you decide to go to a salon or order beauty services online, make sure you know what kind of makeover you want. Here are the eight important make-up layouts that you can choose from:

1. A Worked Nude

Very fashionable on the catwalks, this “no make-up” look gives the impression of not being made up. It is about working particularly on your complexion to give the illusion of skin without imperfection. For who? This makeup is best for women who have baby looks.

2. Fresh and Glossy Makeup

The goal of glossy makeup is, above all, to give the skin a boost of radiance as if it found a second youth. To achieve this, you will notably need a fluid and natural foundation and a corrector-beautifier to illuminate certain strategic areas of the face. For a fresh, peachy effect, add creamy peach eyeshadow and apricot blush, for example.

For who? This makeup is best for women who have mature looks.

3. Minimalist Makeup

To stay in a classic style, minimalist makeup gets straight to the point. A fresh complexion, a sober beauty looks at the eyes level with a stroke of the black pencil, mascara, and a matte mouth.

For who? This makeup is best for women who have traditional looks.

4. An Elegant Smoky

Both chic and sensual, this “embers’ eye” make-up gives a great intensity to the look by playing on the gradations of eye shadows. This option close to Lebanese wedding makeup will delight many of you. Smoky is a peculiarly tricky kind of eye-makeup and instead of ruining your eyes by doing it yourself, book makeup services at home.

For who? Someone in her 20s who wants to look glamorous.

5. A Wedding Makeup

With the light complexion, doe eye hemmed with a perfect line of black eyeliner, false eyelashes, and a passionate red mouth with well-defined contours, here is the ideal definition of retro makeup.

For who? If you are in your 20s and 30s? This type of makeup will suit you perfectly.

6. The Pastel Chic Trend

Fresh and modern, this type of makeup has been very trendy in recent years. It consists of working on the bride’s complexion with finesse and sculpting her eyes with several pastel shades, champagne, and coral eye shadows. We do not forget the essential mascara and the lipstick with deliciously sweet shades.

For who? Good make-up for someone who wants a rustic look.

Last little tip, do not forget to book makeup services to feel beautiful while keeping your natural look intact. It is out of the question to disguise yourself just on the pretext that you have to follow the moment’s trend. Book makeup services in Lahore to ensure getting the best make-up consultancy and makeover for your weddings, engagements, and party look.

7. Intensify Brown Eyes

To display an intense look for the ceremony, start by redrawing the contours of your eyes with eyeliner or black kohl in the style of Lebanese wedding makeup. To bring light to your brown eyes, you can place a touch of purple or copper on your eyelids or a translucent or silver shadow in the corner of the eye with just enough glitter to instantly wake up your eyes.

8. Some Tips for Small Eyes

Are your brown eyes small? There are many techniques, details you will find in wedding makeup tutorials to help you enlarge your eyes. The white pencil, for example, is an ally of choice. Apply it inside your lower eyelid for an instant boost. Making up your eyebrows is also a little trick to enlarge the eyes. Start by brushing them, and then apply an eye shadow a little darker than the color of your eyebrows. Transparent mascara will allow you to fix everything.


We hope these makeup ideas have given you all the inspiration you need to jump into your version of event beauty and become a show stopper. However, if you feel that you can not do the makeover at home and need professional services, type the keywords “online beauty salon near me” in your search engine. Many options will appear on the screen. Carefully read about the services, charges, and testimonials to select the best option.

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