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Thinking of Honeymoon Bridal Nightwear? Follow These Tips

For many women, bridal nightwear is a golden perk of getting married. Putting it simply, those suspender belts and sheer bodystockings just act as the cherry on the top of the bridal sundae. Or else, brides just need an absolute excuse to finally spend lavishly on beautiful bridal hosiery. Whereas for many, it might not have even crossed their mind to have honeymoon-specific nightwear. Well, not to worry! Bear in mind that lingerie for your special days is not just a must-have, it is want-to-have. Still not sure from where to begin? Keep on reading to know more. 

It goes without saying that nightwear for your honeymoon time is simply a chance to explore, pamper yourself, and expand your intimate wardrobe. There are many times you will have a reason to understand that bridal nightwear is much more than being fancy. It might be one of the most expensive things that you might want, but it is worth every penny spent. 

Let’s move ahead with some of our quick tips that will help you choose elegant bridal hosiery for your wedding trousseau. 

  • Whether your honeymoon is going to be for a week, two, or more, it can be fun to bring something different for each day. For instance, you can wear sexy-cut bridal suspender belts both day and night. The most ideal thing about nightwear is that it doesn’t take much space. You can make the whole look more glam with some little splurges like a lacy bralette, side tie knickers, and even a cute choker. Guess what is the best part here? All these extras will just take a little space in your honeymoon suitcase while giving you several options for boudoir dressing.
  • Keep in mind to bring your sheer bodystockings and satin robe. Not exaggerating much, you will most likely have to spend much time in your room, having a caftan, robe, satin shirt with stockings. Definitely, these are some of the certain options for your sunny mornings and dim bonfire evenings, which is why they are the perfect item to carry along. 
  • In addition to all the particulars mentioned above, items like chemises, babydolls, corsets, nightgowns, bustiers, garters, cage bras, and stockings set are other beautiful lingerie essentials for your honeymoon. No matter whether you choose one size loose or one size down, what really counts is you feeling confident, beautiful, and comfortable. 
  • With this, don’t forget to add extra underwear to your bridal hosiery suitcase. What we have mostly heard is that many of the brides just mess up their everyday underwear and sexy honeymoon lingerie. However, this doesn’t need to work this way. It is always okay to carry some extra comfy but cute bra and panty set as a practical purchase.
  • Lastly, organize your bridal nightwear with proper care, keeping its section apart from other heavy items in your suitcase. Once arrived safely, keep your robes and embellished hosiery in hangers. The items which are not meant to be hung, fold them neatly and place them loosely in the drawer. 

In the end, remember bridal honeymoon lingerie is not a source of stress, but pleasure. You shouldn’t take it as a chore or headache. What matters more is counting minutes of quality time spent with the love of your life. 

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