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Things to Do After a Fire Incident at Home

Fire incidents at home are devastating. It comes with massive losses of resources and peace of mind.

Your reaction after the fire incident determines if you will gain back the losses or will stay shocked for the several years to come.

Here are some of the things to do after the fire is out. 

  • Securing the site

A burned site is susceptible to more damage from vandalism and theft, and other weather elements. Keep the area safe by blocking leakages to avoid rain. Also, secure the entries to prevent destruction. Boarding up the windows and the doors is ideal for security when going away from the site. You can also contact the police to offer protection to the building. 

If you stay in a rented place, contact the landlord or the real estate responsible for the property immediately. 

  • Taking precautions 

The fire can damage every element in the home, whether the electrical wiring, home appliances, and other utilities. Staying cautious when assessing the damage to these elements is paramount. 

Do not attempt to assess or reconnect any broken parts of the building by yourself. Instead, look for a professional for the safety and proper repairs. 

Contact a qualified electrician to assess the condition of the electric wirings. The local building inspector should analyze the structural damage. They have to ascertain the conditions of the walls, roof, and other structures on the property. 

Collect all the receipts for the money you spend on the process for reimbursement from the insurance claims. 

  • Seeking for compensation 

Now that you have secured the site and ascertained the extent of the damage, the next step is to seek compensation from your insurance company. 

Contact the insurance company the soonest as possible after ascertaining the extent of the damage. Corporate with the company by following the recommended guidelines and availing all the needed information. 

Keeping an inventory of the damaged elements of the property comes in handy when dealing with the insurance company. The company will use it when assessing the actual damage and determine possible compensation value. 

With the compensation, you don’t have to struggle for long before resuming your regular life. Your insurance agent will also help secure your property and advice you on the best cleaning procedures. Also, look for information from Totnes Fires for the best practices when seeking compensation. 

  • Find a temporary place to stay. 

No matter the damage to your home, you are likely not to stay around for some time. You can find a place to stay with family or friends. If not, ask for help from various relief agencies near you. 

The time you stay away from home depends on the extent of damage and repairs needed. Look for a reliable restoration company to ensure proper maintenance and replacements. Ask your insurance company for recommendations on the best restoration companies to hire. 

  • Contact fire protection services 

Contact your fire protection services immediately you move back to your home. They will help renew the fire equipment like fire extinguishers, wiring, and sensors. 

Bottom Line

A fire contact can take a toll on you if you don’t know what to do. The above are some of the things that will help you resume your everyday life faster. 

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