Things to Avoid While Writing your Blog and make money from the website in 2022



Blogging and website management as a job never ceases to amaze. It is the only option with as much promise and as easy access as blogging. 

Where will you hope to boost your annual income by about 50percent on average or more? Where else would you establish a business for little money and devote as much effort as you want to it?

Creating a great blog is a business in the same way that launching a retail store is. many young bloggers do not know this, and as a result, their blogs stink. 

It adds to the point that most of the new bloggers cease maintaining their blogs after 120 days and that more than half earn less than $100 per month.

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Required Attention on the Following things  

After you have determined your objectives, you can begin looking at various metrics to ensure that blogging blunders are not preventing you from achieving them.

  • Visitor experience analytics track how visitors interact with your blog as well as how effectively it meets their requirements.


  • Pages per visitor – It is always nice when visitors to your blog have a look around. It indicates that your material is appealing to the viewers. Most blogs have an average of two pages per visitor.


  • Time on webpage and sessions duration can vary, particularly for long-form, concentrated material. You should strive for a session time of at least three minutes on average.


  • Bounce ratio measures the percentage of viewers that depart after viewing only the first page of your blog and do not click anywhere further. It varies by sector, but typically between 25% and 65% is acceptable. Consider the time spent on the website, since lengthier material will result in greater bounce rates.


  • Comments — There is no industry norm for the number of comments on each article, but a blog with just crickets chirping may indicate that you are not engaging with readers.


  • Homepage metrics like time-on-page and how many individuals visit your blog via your home page but depart before proceeding to that other page are critical. Your homepage represents your brand, and it should entice visitors to explore further.

Avoid mistakes 


Try using bullets 

According to research, the average person spends only a few seconds on a webpage and skims most of your post rather than reading it. There are two key takeaways from this and previous research on weblog traffic behavior that make bullet points necessary in your content. Bullets focus the reader’s attention on key topics. Also learn about, Duralast Car Battery.

Making certain that your reader receives the “best points” could be enough to pique their attention.

Avoid Lengthy sentence structures 

Have you ever started reading a sentence and realized you had forgotten what was the purpose of this blog? Have you ever tried reading a phrase aloud and ran out of breath?

Commas are the most important grammatical rules, but if you use more than three in a phrase, try splitting it up. Sentence and paragraph size are much of an issue with mobile users.

Note: Examine your blogs on mobile. Any paragraph that takes up the full screen should be broken up. When republishing or modifying existing blogs, make it a point to separate the content.

Try questions or engaging languages

No questions or engaging language – This indicates you write to deliver information rather than interact, which poses issues for websites.

  • Include regular inquiries in your blog postings, particularly in the introductory portion. 
  • Throughout the material, seek reader feedback. Put them on the spot on widely held ideas or ‘conventional’ thinking. This involvement will not only generate a large following since people will feel as if you are speaking directly to them

Lacking the focus on the theme of the topic 

If you do not have a single theme for your post, you run the danger of posting posts about anything under the sun.

There are a few problems:

  • Posting on a variety of topics makes it difficult for becoming a specialist or stay on topic.
  • A lack of topic concentration might lead to a poor reading experience.
  • When ranking pages and keywords, Google considers your whole blog. So, make sure relevant keywords are being utilized. 

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Michael Caine is the Owner of Amir Articles and also the founder of ANO Digital (Most Powerful Online Content Creator Company), from the USA, studied MBA in 2012, love to play games and write content in different categories.

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