The Rise of OLED TV Sets: Are They Worth It?

OLED TVs are the newest trend in the world of television technology. Many tech enthusiasts want to know whether buying an OLED TV set is worth it.

If you’re looking for a high-end television set, it’s important to know about the various technologies available in the market today. OLED display technology looks promising and is packed with features that will impress the users right away!

So, if you’re on the hunt for a brand-new TV set for your home, this article will give you all the information you need to choose the best.


The pros of buying an OLED TV set

You may have seen your neighbours buy it or read reviews about these televisions as they’re making headlines everywhere! This section will introduce you to the advantages of buying an OLED television for your home.

1. Self-illuminating pixels

OLED displays have the perfect ratio of blacks and infinite contrast. Every time the TV displays a black scene, the individuals completely shut off. Since these pixels emit no light, the screen appears total black as if it were turned off.

Another commendable thing about OLEDs is the infinite contrast ratio. It is a simple difference between the darkest and brightest points on a screen. Since the black levels are 0, the contrast ratio is infinite.

2. Very energy-efficient

Unlike conventional LED display televisions, OLED TVs do not have a backlight. So, this makes them more energy-efficient than their counterparts. Depending on the type of visuals you’re watching, the black pixels that completely shut off do not consume any power.

However, bright HDR content will consume more power than SDR content. So, if you often watch visuals with high brightness, the OLEDs will consume more power.

3. They have the widest angles

If you have a favourite corner spot on your couch that does not face the centre of the TV, you need not worry! Even if you watch the screen at an angle, your viewing experience will not be affected.

These television sets have unmatched wide angles that make them superior to other traditional options. If you purchase an OLED television, you can view it from any angle in your home with the best picture quality possible.

4. Quick response time

Speak of technology, and OLED televisions will deliver the best possible outcome to you. If you love gaming, you will enjoy playing your favourite games on an OLED television solely because of its response rate.

Unlike any other, these displays have a response time of 0.2ms on average. These numbers are unmatched when it comes to the traditional television sets in the market. So, you can enjoy all your fast-paced scenes during gaming.

5. They are way thinner than you can imagine!

This can sometimes depend on the model, but OLED TVs can get really, really thin. You’ll be surprised! Since no backlight is needed in these displays, the panel is only about 2.5-3mm thick.

Most of these sets have an extremely thin panel section along with a hardware setup that includes a processor, speakers, and few other connections.

6. They aren’t expensive anymore

The first-gen OLED TVs were undoubtedly expensive for many people. Gradually, 4K TVs became widespread amongst many people. Today, they may be slightly higher in price than LED and QLED, but certainly not out of reach.

You can get the best deals on many online stores and pick a model that you find the most suitable for your needs.


Final thoughts

As you can see, an OLED TV comes with multiple advantages. Buying it is certainly a wise investment if you plan to upgrade your television.

Make sure to research well before the various models, specifications, and types before making an informed decision. And if you do purchase one, remember that it is sure to last you for a very long time!

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