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The Mind-Blowing Guide On How to Take Care of Your Prom Dresses

It’s the last day of your school, and you are heading back home. The exams are coming soon, but all you can think of is the prom night after the exams. You are way too excited about the prom night to get dressed up in that dream dress and to stun your prom date. It all seems magical in your head, but what if something happens to your dress? Yes, we know that you do not even want to imagine such a thing. But it is possible if you do not take care of it properly. Prom dresses are gorgeous, but they are sensitive to dust, harsh wash, and bad storage.

It all starts with good care. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your dress. Well, fortunately, you have landed on the right page. We have sorted down a few points that can ensure the best condition of your prom dress for a long time. Here you go!

Before Trying It On:

  • Deal with the wrinkles

Using a steam iron, steam the dress from inside the fabric in an upwards to a downward direction. Pull the steamer down as the wrinkles get vanished. If you do not own a steamer, there is an easier way. Hang your dress in the washroom on a hanger and turn on the shower. Turn the water to the hottest temperature so that it gets steamy and leave the dress in the hanging position for about 10 minutes. The steam might vanish the wrinkles on the dress. The retailers at the prom dresses sale also use steam to keep the dresses look fresh and wrinkle-free. 

  • Makeup before dress-up

Before you start getting dressed up, get done with the makeup. Apply the hair products, deodorants, moisturizers, and makeup before putting on the dress. Doing it in the reverse series might leave harsh stains on the dress. If not makeup, your prom dress may become the victim of moisturizer or hair products. One more thing, if you are getting a spray tan, make sure to get it a few days before the party. Fresh spray tan has residue left on the body, and it can easily stain your dress. Even if you are shopping from the cheap prom dresses collection, it hurts when a new dress gets a non-washable stain. 

  • Pick the adornments wisely.

Do not wear pointed accessories that might get stuck in your dress. Accessories like pendants, earrings, and bracelets have more chances to tangle with the fabric. If the dress has lace fabric or beadings, avoid wearing loose jewelry. Pointed accessories can even ruin sexy prom dresses by snagging the fabric. So, take good care of what you are wearing with the dress. 

While wearing the dress:

  • Be cautious when eating messy food

Try avoiding messy food when you are wearing the dress. Things like pizza, greasy food, or chicken wings can accidentally stain your outfit, and the stain might not get off easily. Even if you are eating any of the foodstuffs, be extra aware of the dress. Try putting a tissue on the neck before you grab the food, cover the dress with a cloth and avoid eating while standing. 

There are affordable prom dresses out there, but you do not want to spend twice on the dress after getting it stained. 

  • Hold the dress upwards while walking.

If your dress has a trail and it is a long prom dress, lift the skirt a bit so that it does not touch the floor and nobody steps on it accidentally. 

After the use:

  • Follow cleaning instructions

Read the tag on the dress to follow the cleaning instructions, and don’t be harsh with the dress in order to remove the stains. Give it a mild wash or handover it to a laundry center. Often, plus size dresses are tough to clean at home because they have more fabric. Going to the laundry is a better option. 

  • Hang the dress on the hanger

Cover the dress in the cover and hang the dress using the plastic straps attached with it. 

Lastly, keep it away from high temperatures and dust. Store it at room temperature. Prom dresses in 2021 have more details and beadings. They have more chances to get ruined. So handle with care!


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