The Definitive Guide to digital marketing agency hk

The Definitive Guide to digital marketing agency hk

4 reasons agencies should usesocial listening

2020has beenone of the most dramatic years in history.The brandsweknow and loveare beingaskedto play a largerrole in shaping our worldthat welive in.

In more ways than ever beforeagenciesrequire a more effective wayto listen.As we demonstrated inourmost recent report on industry trends,organizations that utilize social listeningcan help clients developmore value, gain a better understanding oftheirmarket, and producemore engagingwork.In contrast, agencies who decidetoignore social listeningarebeing forced to use theconventional heuristicsall by themselves.

Stillnot convinced?Here are four good reasons why youragencyshould consider investing in social mediaright now.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Intoday’s hyper-connected world it is essential for brands tobesensitive to their customers’ desires, goals,and preferences.

Case in point: themost frequently discussed themeofthe digital marketing agency report wasthe interplaybetweenbrands and consumer insight.Consumers express the challenges thatagenciescan address, and they’re becomingmorevocal than ever.

Conversation Clustersisa simple datavisualization toolthat helps youquickly uncover, understandandvisualize the context aroundevery topic in a singleglance.

In conjunction with social listeninginformation, agencies can assisttheirclients to createdeeper, more meaningful relationswith their customers.

Social listeningaids agencies in findingfacts that givethem anadvantage.This could be asolution toan untapped segment of the population or provide a fresh perspectiveregarding a product, to aidan innovative pitch.

For one agency it was a smartresponse to a lockdown craze.By tapping into the massivepopularity of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneof the most influentialcollaborations ofthisyear.The game’s playershad the opportunityto trade their turnips –one ofthe game’s most valuable itemsto donate food(acost of around $20,000).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.


Prior to the advent and growth ofsocial media, the majority of advertisersand communication companies relied onthe bottom line metrics such as salesto measure the effectivenesson their programs.While there’s nothing particularlywrong with thatapproach,they can be a bitofa blunt instrument.

In the present, agencies requiremore precise ways to modelandunderstand the valuetheygenerate fortheir clients.Listening carefully to social mediagives your agency morecontrolover campaigns from clientswith immediate feedback from manytouchpoints.It allows you to segment stratify, prioritize, and selectchannels thatprovide themost relevant information needed.

Forinstance, you will finda high-level viewof the effects of acampaign or hashtagortalking point withan engagementmetric , such as thepotential reach.Then, you canlook deeper.The ability to concentrateon the valuable data streamscollected fromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusa host ofoffline sources)gives you a thoroughinsight into how people feelabout your clients and creative.

The ability to determinethe individuals who are expressing what opinions and -particularly – howtheyconsider your clientsthrough a solution like”sensitivity analysis,” providesa fantasticexample of how effective formsoffeedback from social listeninghelps agencies remain proactive.Our report on industry trends foundan evident connection betweenpositive response to an adcampaign- Nike’s ‘You Can’tstop Us’ adas well as the feelings of the agencywho created it, forinstance(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticswill help you identifyconnections between topics. It givesyou a powerful visual waytoconvey important relationships.

3. Crisis management

The voice of the consumer is louderthanthey’ve ever been.The voice of the consumercan be heard across the globe,inreal-time.

As you’d imagine,crisis management is a keyaspect of social listening.Agents who spot problems astheyoccur will have an edgeover theirrivals.And, more importantly, theyprotect their clients better.

An effective strategy of social listeninghelps agencies in a wholevariety of scenarios for managing crises.Requirements about defective products areinstant conversations that solve problems as well as gather data tocorrect negative perceptions.Rapid shifts in public opinioncan be managed.Feedback on creatives that have not been well received becomesan instrument to modifyor, insevere cases look for a new direction.

In the end, it helpsagenciesbecome guardians ofbrands theycollaboratewith. Itallows clients to be informedof issues they mighthave missed and provides thedata needed to developan intelligent and well-plannedresponseas a group.

4. Competitive intelligence

Our agencies industry report exploredthechallenges facing the marketin 2020.As the pandemic forces globaleconomies intouncertainty, agencies aresearching for ways to inventandgrow. Competitive intelligence isjust one ofthem. Inessence, social listening hong kong allows you toaccess the most importantconversationspeople have not been having aboutyour company.

Yourcompetition hasdifferent strategies and methodsto achieve success.Similar toyou, they’veput intime and money building them.With social listening, agenciesare able to participate in critical discussionsabout the factors that makeother brands are successful:

  • What’s driving the viralityof aspecificcampaign?

  • How are brands leveragingspecific media to makethemostimpact?

  • How do you benchmark yourselfin comparison to other companies?

With the help of asocial listeningplatform and a competitive intelligence platform, you can have itseamlessly integrated into your go to marketstrategy. Without it, your businesswill be leftwithout the necessary informationfor navigating a constantly changingworld.IfDarwinhad any lesson to teach us is that onlycreatures that adaptendure.

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