Rave Accessories Everyone Should Bring To Their Next Rave

You cannot miss out on some things to bring along so you can enjoy your rave music festival. You may be a first-timer, and you may not have all the essentials with you. It will be a bad experience to feel out of place at a party where everyone is enjoying themselves. Below are some of the best rave essentials that can help you in your preparations.

Poi Balls

If you are either going to perform or be part of the crowd, it will be best to come with a poi ball. Poi involves swinging tethered weights. It is passed through various rhythmical and geometric patterns. Poi balls are good for making music, and they are fun. Poi artists can dance or sing while swinging the balls.

Rave Wear Outfit

The outfit you decide to put on should be convenient for a rave. As you turn up for the event, you will need to feel comfortable to be part of the crowd. One of the most exciting parts of a rave is the tradition that comes along with it. Part of the rave culture is in the acceptance of the most liberating and creating outfits to wear. People who turn up for the event enjoy showcasing their attire. Thus you wouldn’t want to be left behind.

Pockets and Packs

To be at a rave, you will feel obligated to come along with some essentials. Some of the essentials include sanitizers and face masks. Other things include a water bottle and a sweater if it gets chilly. The worst thing at a rave concert has to burden other people. It’s best to have your packs. Also, consider having a classic pocket or a funny backpack. You wouldn’t want to ruin your outfit by having a bad looking bag. Also, when you let someone else carry it for you, that person may leave without notice.

Portable Charger

Rave musical concerts may fail to put up a charging station everywhere. It is thus advisable to carry your charger. Also, consider having a charger that you can take out anytime. It wouldn’t be convenient if your phone goes off, especially when you need it the most. To be on the safe side, have your portable charger. However, it does not apply to all phones. Some phones are good enough to keep charged for hours. It, therefore, depends on your type of phone.


For those who have skincare issues, having sunscreen along will be essential. Standing out for long hours with the sun shining is not suitable for your skin. It is best to be prepared and protected with sunscreen. You may choose to apply it in a matter of some minutes from time to time. It will help you prevent having sunburns on the following day.

Protective Mask and Sanitizers

Amid the pandemic, it is best to keep yourself safe. It will be essential to have your hand sanitizer along with you. Yes, there may be water stations provided. However, it may be crowded or even be limited to everyone. It is best to have your own sanitizer. Moreover, having your own face mask will be convenient.

It is also advisable to have an extra mask in case one gets destroyed. It is a public event with so many people. It may be hard to differentiate the sick from the cured members of the public. Thus to be safe, have your own essentials.

The Verdict

Going for a rave is fun and entertaining. It will be best to have your own accessories and essentials with you. It will not be best to go borrowing other people. You may be crowned as a burden, especially to those who don’t like sharing. Thus to be safe, have your own essentials with you.

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