Plants-Most important part of our lives

Can we imagine our life without plants?
Plants play a very vital role in everybody’s life. We depend on plants about each and everything. We cannot imagine our lives without plants. Plants provide us food, shelter, oxygen, and many more. Plants also help in reducing the greenhouse effect and global warming. They help in reducing Ozone layer depletion. Plants contain various types of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and many more which are essential for our body. The deficiency of these things can cause various types of diseases.

There are two types of plants: Indoor plants and Outdoor plants. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants are those plants which we can grow inside our house. They’re very small and can be grown anywhere like in a pot. Although they require some specific conditions in order to grow, we should take care of them a little more than the outdoor plants. You can order indoor plants online from any of the popular online stores.

Outdoor Plants
Outdoor plants are those plants that grow outside in a large area compared to indoor plants. Their roots will grow from time to time and require more space. They do not require extreme care in order to grow. Outdoor plants are big as compared to indoor plants.

Following are some important things which we get from plants:
· Plants provide oxygen for breathing and take carbon dioxide. We all know that plants release oxygen in the daytime and release carbon dioxide at night but there are some plants that emit oxygen at night as well. Some of them are aloe vera, tulsi, snake plant, and many more.

· Plants provide us food to eat. They provide different kinds of vegetables, fruits, spices, and many more to eat.

· Plants provide various kinds of Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin b5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, and many more. Deficiency of vitamins in your body leads to reduce the functionality of your body.

· Plants provide you shelter. They provide wood which helps you to make houses, bridges and many more.

· Plants help to maintain a healthy balance in nature. It purifies the air which helps you to breathe easily.

· Plants provide us medicines. There are many medicinal plants like tulsi, parsley, aloe vera, and many more. They help to cure fever, cold, cough very easily.

· We can make jute bags, ropes with the help of fiber plants.

· Plants provide us paper with the help of which we can do our many tasks very easily. Hundreds of trees are being cut down in order to make paper. So, never waste any paper.

· Many plants provide us rubber and gum which can be used for various domestic as well as industrial purposes.

· We get perfume from plants. Flowers like jasmine rose, lily, lavender, and many more provide us perfume.

· We also get manure from plants. Waste of plants is used to grow another plant.

· We can get various types of oil from plants which can be used in cooking, in hair, and in many other things.

· Plants help to bring rain to the earth. We all know how important rain is. Land cannot survive without water and rain provides sufficient moisture in order to grow crops.

· Plants provide us with clothes to wear. We all need clothes, so we should understand the importance of plants in our lives.

So, these are some uses of plants in our daily life. We cannot even imagine our lives without plants. We should grow more and more plants in order to make a healthy environment. Plants can be bought online and it is quite easy to order plants online. Plants prevent landslides as well. They help to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. Plants also play a very important part in the food chain. Herbivores eat plants to maintain the food chain and to feed themselves. Many bacteria and insects also get their food from plants. Plants are important to almost each and everything on this planet. We consider plants as living things.

So, we should know the importance of plants on the earth and do not underestimate them. We should consider each and every characteristic of plants and try to maintain a healthy balance.

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