Must-Have Pearl Jewellery For A Royal Look

Every woman will own a set of pearl jewellery in their collection that is ideal for every occasion and attire. Pearls are the best material for every jewellery design that make it popular due to their elegance and versatility. Pearls are included in traditional, contemporary and modern jewellery because they can be crafted with any metal. Pearls are the only timeless classics and the staple ornament that can be worn as a chain stringed one after the other and studded in necklaces. The string of pearls can be either a single line or multiple strands and paired with any attire, both ethnic and western wear and for any occasion.


Different Kinds Of Pearl Ornaments

The various kinds of pearl jewellery that are available in the market are:


  • Pearl Earrings

Pearls play a significant role in Indian wedding jewellery, and it enhances the appeal with Kundan stones. Pearls match traditional attires and Indian bridal wear, so they are the most preferred. Pearls go with any intricate designs and add a royal look to the jewellery. They are also found in antique patterns. The different types of pearl earrings are jhumkas and Bali. Sometimes danglers also make use of pearls to accentuate the look further. Pearl studs are another typical ornament that plays a significant role in Indian jewellery.


  • Pearl Bangles

Bangles with studded pearls can be incorporated with semi-precious stones and gold beads to match traditional Indian outfits. Sleek pearl bangle goes well with gowns and dresses, whereas bracelets add more charm to the entire look. Pearls go well with platinum, sterling silver and also white and yellow gold. Pearls give the most genuine charm and go with any Indian outfit.


  • Pearl Chains and Necklaces

A string of pearls can hold a lovely pendant in its centre, and a layer of pearls with a chunky centrepiece makes the most exquisite neckpiece. The simple pearl string is ideal for any event and occasion. Pearl necklace patterns suit for any occasion, if the person has to present themself in a very grand manner. Even a diamond choker and necklace will have pearl hangings to create a more grandeur finish to the ornament.


  • Pearl Maang Tikka

Maang tikka is the essential ornament for Indian weddings, and it is mainly made with pearl hangings either on solid gold or Kundan stones to accentuate the bridal look further. These tiny pearls are primarily used in the antique maang tikka patterns that impart an orange shade to the gold ornament.


  • Pearl Anklets

Pearls are always used in trinket jewellery like anklets as tiny small beads either embedded in them or hanged on the edges. This will highlight the leg ornament and produce an elaborated appearance.


  • Pearl Kamar Bandh

This is the hip accessory that Indian brides wear on their big day. This has a pearl of different sizes hanging all around this ornament. It enhances the bridal look, and the latest models of gold necklace online will portray the kamar bandh matching various sized neckpieces.


Pearls are considered a symbol of royalty as they are always expensive materials that increase in value with the colour, size and quality. But various adulterations are happening with just fake pearls that are mere beads. So it is the sole responsibility of the individual to choose the pearls with utmost care.

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