Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting English to Korean Translator

Providing multilingual content is a key factor to enter into the global market. But language and cultural differences may lead to many uncertainties. So, to create a smooth bridge between the service provider and users, the translation process plays a lead role. However, the challenge is to identify quality translation services in different languages.

A professional translation company with extensive subject knowledge and skills is needed for exploring new markets and avenues. People like to communicate in the language they speak. So if a company is launching its services or starting its operations in Korea, it would require translators to display their services & products in the Korean language. Although there are various service providers facilitating translation services, many will dupe you or fail to give you the quality you expect. Therefore, you must be wary of some mistakes to avoid when selecting English to Korean translators

  • Go through some samples – It is a well-known fact that native speakers of a language are good translators. But writing well in another language is like a challenge. A Korean translator must know the subject in which they have to translate, and you can have to conduct a bit of analysis to confirm the same. A few samples from the translator will reveal a lot about their skills. Do not just trust a native speaker to deliver good results, but check their ability to write well and convey the right meaning to the users.
  • Research for a suitable translator – Be precise while selecting a translator, as you require their services for a specific task. The ideal English to Korean translator will do translations that depend largely on the text you want to translate. For example, a specialized pharmaceutical service will be suitably translated by a company that is well versed with pharmacy nomenclature. Relevant subject experience is a well-desired trait in a professional translator.
  • Tip to save money with a Korean translation company – Review the documents thoroughly that need to be translated. You may find some non-vital sentences or some extra words which can be removed from the text. It will help you in reducing translation costs. Even the removal of some symbols and numbers may result in lowering the overall cost.
  • Check for proofreading services – Check with the translator if they include proofreading of the translated text upon the completion of the job. It may be a separate service but ensures high-quality translated work, eliminating all kinds of mistakes, and providing the best results.
  • Managing space for the transcripts – The required space for text varies from language to language. Some languages may need double space when compared to English. But, when English is translated into the Korean language, the text is typically supposed to contract. A good translator must be aware of this fact, as they may need to fill out space accordingly. In some cases, the Korean language’s complexity may even require vertical expansions, where the line height is needed to be adjusted. The right translator company takes up the projects with extra space while translating the text. They plan for the texts to expand or contract in advance, thus giving you the text to fit the available space.
  • Decide for translation parameters well in advance – Whether you have a single document or a full load of marketing literature, it is always advisable to decide your requirements well in advance. Target your needs that if the translated material is required in steps, or as a whole. Be flexible with your goals and targets, as sometimes it may take a longer time to translate the material. It is a frequent scenario when the translation is required for technical purposes such as pharmaceuticals, legal documents, or other specific course material.

Some handy tips to select a qualified translator:

  • A translator who is a native speaker of the target language is capable of providing more natural translations with an accent of the local language
  • A service provider with a wide list of reputable clients could be a good translator
  • Qualifications are another thing to look for in a good translation company. A degree in translation with a sound experience guarantees that you get good results.
  • On-time delivery and well turnaround time is the quality of an expert translation service. A late project will be of no use for the company, as the marketing campaigns are focused on a set timeline. For example, a product to be launched on Christmas must be translated well within the time frame to be posted on different channels timely.
  • A reputable translator guarantees more peace of mind. They stringently fall several quality checks, including proofreading, review, grammar check, etc. to provide accurate transcriptions and confirming that nothing is left out.


It is an absolute necessity to check for the reviews and testimonials of a translator. Assessing a translator’s expertise as per your products and services’ requirements will help you choose the right translator.

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