Misconceptions People Believe About Pregnancy

Pregnancy has been a topic of discussion among people for the time human beings started to reproduce on this planet. It is linked with the growth and development of all civilizations. This is a very important aspect in history as well as current life as it is the way through which we carry on to grow our generations. But the fertility rate is declining nowadays. The reasons might be different behind this, however, the good news is that advanced treatments are also introduced every day to cure this problem. Male and female infertility treatment centers are available almost everywhere now.

As you know that there are certain rumors, fallacies, illusions, and misconceptions among people regarding everything. No matter how the countries and civilizations have developed, many myths still occur about pregnancy as well, and a huge number of people believe them as well. Science has overcome the old miracles of mythology and people know that there is a solid reason behind every happening but still believe in many misconceptions that are even logic less and based on hearsays only.

Following are some of the misconceptions that are common about pregnancy and people believed them authentic as well, but these have been proved wrong by doctors and experts.

  •       One of the most common myths about pregnancy is that you can drink a single glass of wine when you want. Some people also believed that a single glass per week is normal. But this is not true as any amount of alcoholic product is not safe for you during any circumstances except medical treatments. It must be spread by a wine lover who did not want to leave wine during pregnancy.
  •       This one is probably the most believed misconception and your partner and other family members might force you as well to diet according to this myth. This states that pregnant women should eat double than a normal person as she has to provide nutrients to the two bodies, one to herself and the second to her child. And people believe it blindly without even noticing and pondering about the fact that there is a huge difference between the diet of a child and a mature person then how can a child who has not been born yet require the same amount of nutrients as a mature person. Doctors have turned down this fact by stating that the fetus gets all nutrients from the mother’s body and she wasn’t required to take extra nutrients for that. Only during the third trimester does she need some extra calories which are 200 per day and far less than the people’s decided amount of more than 2000 per day.
  •       It is believed that you should not eat any seafood during pregnancy. This is true in some aspects however cannot be applied to all items. As many kinds of seafood are rich sources of proteins and fatty acids that are required by your body especially during pregnancy. You should only avoid mercury rich fishes that can hurt your fetus. These include tuna, swordfish, etc., and should be avoided even during normal routine as this can lead to infertility.
  •       It is the funniest and logic-less misconception that states that which food you are eating is going to affect your baby. For example, people believe that eating peanuts during pregnancy will prevent your child from having a peanut allergy, and eating more strawberries will result in strawberries being the favorite fruit of your child. But this is not true as if it happens in this regard then why the child does not love to eat vegetables that are eaten by their mothers during pregnancy. The reasons behind allergies are several including genetics and personal liking disliking as well.
  •       This fact is totally misleading and people believe it like a fact. It states that if you already have a baby you don’t worry about infertility. But this is not true as a couple can become infertile after that due to various issues and the couple might have to take male or female infertility treatment depending upon their situation to produce one more baby.

From today stop believing these misconceptions and let the mother relax during pregnancy by not forcing her to act on any of the above myths.

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