MetaTrader 4 Mobile Application Tips and Strategies

The MetaTrader 4 was originally designed for PC and desktop computers. However, it also works great on your mobile phone. In fact, the mobile version is equipped with almost all features as with PC and desktop. The only difference here is that MT4 being used in Android can’t keep up with the algorithmic trading functions.

But aside from all of those, the application works fine and it supports all screen resolution and even the main program has been optimized for mobile users. Of course, it needs an internet connection for the user to communicate with the broker just like in the PC version. Also, the number of accounts in the mobile platform is limitless, meaning you can open and control the number of accounts as you like.

Trading using MT4 platforms is available for both Android and iOS devices. With it, you can place market orders, check the account history of your trades, view charts, as well as analyzing the market trends and your account balances.

Here are some tips that you can use when using the MT4 mobile application;

You Can Get Quotes and Strategy Tips

Just like in the PC version, the MT4 in the mobile phone is also capable of providing strategy tips and even receiving quotes. Using your mobile phone, you can also add indicators into your trading account and keep updated with the latest news and information in the market.

Market Watch

There is a certain application in MT4 called Market Watch. This application displays quotes from the forex market. This piece of information can be displayed both in a detailed way or a summarized one. For mobile users, since their screens are a lot smaller than PC users, they can hide symbols that they think are useless and less interesting.

The Historical Data

It is important to learn from historical data. By the time you give authorization to your trading account to be accessed through mobile phone, you can start storing market history just like how you previously did it. You can use predominantly symbols. This application allows you to filter those less important historical data.

Utilizing the Mobile Support

For all the strategies and the trading orders that you want, you can have it on your phones through mobile support. It also has full capability just like the desktop version of this application. Using your mobile phone, you can easily buy or sell, enhance protective orders, and set stop limits even when you are outside the home.

Taking Advantage of the Intuitive UX

All the functionality available on the PC can also be accessed on the mobile phone. Just a single tap into the icon and the list for forex quotes and the list of available indicators can all be seen.

Operating Systems

The MT4 is available for these two operating systems – iOS and Android.


iPhone users are allowed to download MetaTrader 4 so they can still control their marketing positions even when they are outside their home. iPhone users can do a lot of things as it has almost the same functionality as desktop users.


For Android applications, they can access the MT4 platform as it is completely compatible with the MetaQuotes desktop version. This makes you in control even when you are on the go.


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