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Look the Best at Party with the Right Jewelry Set

Everyone likes to dress well for a party or gathering. However, looking attractive does not always have to do with the dresses you wear; accessories play an important role as well. Most women are likely to have vast collections of jewelry with a variety of choices. Nevertheless, every time you have to wear one, you are always confused. Either every piece you have goes with the outfit, or neither does. This way, you end up wearing your favorite set of jewelry, which you have been sporting at every party. If you can relate to this problem, this article is definitely for you. Here listed are some basic jewelry styling tricks that will compliment your sense of style, wardrobe, and personality.

Leaf Inspired Jewelry
  • Layer Your Jewelry

Layering bracelets, necklaces, and rings have always been a fun and creative way to style your jewelry. In situations when you cannot decide between two pieces of jewelry, layering can help you show off both. You can start by layering different lengths of necklaces. Even though you can choose complimenting colors, shapes, and textures, you must keep in mind to match the metal. This will help it not look out of place and draw the eye to your face.

While layering necklaces are only recently in fashion, layering bangles or bracelets have always been a trend. However, unlike necklaces, you should maintain a color code for the bangles. Nevertheless, you can always experiment with different styles and textures.

If you have a knack for rings or multiple ear piercings, you can do the same with them. You can also pair a ring with the style of earrings you are wearing to make a theme. For instance, you can choose to wear leaf inspired jewelry as a theme to a party. Having the same design throughout your accessories can surely look good and make for an exciting combination.

  • Know When It’s Too Much

Although experimenting and layering can be a lot of fun, it is important to know when to stop. For instance, if you choose to layer necklaces, then do not bother doing the same with a set of bangles. If you decide to wear heavy statement earrings, try to go for a more subtle and minimal necklace.

This will help people appreciate your overall outfit instead of getting stuck on your jewelry. However, if you are wearing a jewelry set designed to be bold and eye-catching, dress accordingly.

  • Earrings Are An Important Aspect

Considering which earring to choose with your outfit is by far the most important decision you need to make. This is mainly because it is the first piece of jewelry that falls in the field of vision of anyone talking to you. Not only that, it further accentuates your facial features and hairdo.

If you have short hair, choosing a small or medium-sized dangler will really suit you. On the contrary, if you have a thick bun, choosing long earrings with a metal finish is the best bet.

The best way to pick jewelry is by looking at your facial features. A simple trick would be to choose jewelry set with the opposite qualities to your face. For instance, if you have an oval face, a leaf-inspired jewelry set will best suit you, but a long face calls for rounder designs.

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