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Learning About the Seventh House

Your natal chart or Kundli is a blueprint of the sky at the moment of your birth. Your birth chart, which consists of the nine planets (as per Vedic astrology) and the houses (Bhava), can show different aspects of your life. The planets’ placement and their relationship with the houses can offer invaluable insight into your characteristics and personality. Additionally, it can also tell you how you are connected and exist in the world around you.

The Seventh House- A Look into It

In your birth chart, every house represents a particular area of life and carries unique meaning. The twelve houses in the horoscope reveal your past, present, and future. In this article, we’ll try to know a little about the seventh house in your chart.

As per Vedic astrology, the seventh house is considered the ‘house of partnerships’. This house denotes relationships and partnerships, amongst which marriage being the most important one. This is why it is also called the ‘house of marriage’. The seventh house marks quite a shift in how the houses are analysed to know about a person’s fate. All the previous houses, i.e., from first to sixth, represent the self. But, from the seventh house, the focus moves from the self to the others. All one-to-one relationships, especially your partner and your marriage, come under this house. Other associations such as business partners, lovers, enemies are also included in this house.

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Seventh House: Significance and Importance

In Vedic astrology, the seventh house is known as Kalatra Bhava and is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra. The natural significator of this house is Venus. The seventh house is opposite the first house, which is the house of the ascendant. 

The seventh house represents what the native is looking for in life. The seventh house depicts our relationships with other people. It represents the marriage alliance, commitments to our partners, as well as contractual partnering. A native’s seventh house can reveal the patterns they have in their relationship and what they need in their relationships. By getting to know your relationship patterns with the seventh house’s help, you can understand why you keep facing the same issues in your relationships. This house also reveals why you go for a relationship, whether it is for love, social pressure, money, or to fill a void. The seventh house also rules your attraction to the opposite sex, passion, desire to be in a relationship, commitment, physical intimacy, level of understanding, fantasies, etc. Additionally, it focuses on your long-term relationships as well.

Areas Ruled By the Seventh House

As mentioned earlier, the seventh house informs you about your romantic relationships and marriage. Relationships are a huge part of our lives as it connects us to the people around us. This is what makes the seventh house important. When an astrologer looks at this house and the planets’ placement in this house, they can inform how the relationship will start with your life partner and its possible ending. This house can determine whether your marriage will have happiness or there will be a lack of it.

The seventh house also reflects your willingness to have children. Additionally, problems related to childbirth, such as infertility or other progeny problems, come under this house. Issues pertaining to carnal fulfilment also come under this house.

Not only life partners, but this house also demonstrates our conduct with other partners in our life, such as business partners. A wide variety of professional relationships and business associations come under this house. The camaraderie you have in your business relationships and how you manage these relationships all comes under this house. Additionally, this house also rules the dynamics you have with your enemies and the power struggles and disputes with them.

The planets’ movements and placements in the seventh house can be the cause behind any negativity or problems you might be facing in your relationships.

If you want to know more about the seventh house or how the seventh house is faring in your birth chart, consult an astrologer. An astrologer can analyse your horoscope and give you a personalised account of what lies in your life. This is because an astrologer will study your seventh house along with other astrological elements, thus giving you a wholesome picture.

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