Leading Ten Tips to Lower the Possibility of a Termite Attack

With 1 in 5 homes in Adelaide most likely to suffer a termite attack and termite damage not covered by house insurance coverage, it makes sense to do every little thing you can to shield your home. And also, don’t believe just because your house is now that you’re risk-free … CSIRO report that 1 in 5 places will certainly be assaulted within the first five years after building and construction!

Having normal termite assessments by a certified Termite Inspection Adelaide and setting up a termite administration system around the boundary of the structure (fluid soil treatment or termite baiting system) are the first two parts of a termite administration plan are made to avoid a hidden termite assault.

However, homeowners have a huge duty to play in lowering the chance of a termite attack on their building. The third part of any effective termite monitoring strategy includes the homeowner preserving the property and making their residence “termite unfriendly”.

So, what are these upkeep activities and possible issues house owners require to watch on??

The activities focus on reducing the three elements that can make your home attractive and also available to termites;

1) Decrease locations of raised dampness around the home (termites like wetness!).

2) Decreasing termite food (timber and paper) around the residence.

3) Making certain the boundary, sub-floor and roofing devoid of the residence are clear of barriers so any termite ‘break-ins’ can be seen.


1) Make certain groundwater drain flows far from/ around your home. Ground degree needs to incline far from home, and soil drainage systems must be set up. Setting up followers might likewise be valuable if you have a moist sub-floor.

2) Do not have a watering system or, regularly, water plants beside your house. This indicates you need to avoid significant garden beds adjacent to the house.

3) Make certain roof guttering, as well as downpipes, do not leak and also, they appropriately release to the tornado water drains pipes

4) Ensure any exterior taps are not dripping and preferably have a drainpipe underneath.

5) Check for leaks in the kitchen, bathroom and washing. (You might need a plumber or pest assessor to aid here).

6) Do not utilize timber compost quickly beside your home. If you have to use wood compost, it has been treated with an ideal pesticide or is classed as termite immune lumber. Bear in mind; termite resistance does not indicate termite-proof!

7) Make certain any kind of waste hardwood or cardboard boxes (additionally fantastic termite food) are thrown away or stored over the ground level, preferably far from the building.

8) Make sure any firewood is stored off the ground away from the building. Firewood needs to be kept off the ground (on a steel framework)


9) Keep the perimeter of your home clear of plants as well as saved products. If you cannot see the side of the building, you will not have the ability to see any termite ‘burglaries’!

10) If you have a sub-floor, prevent the lure to save your excess/ undesirable things in this inviting area. Kept goods avoid your ability to see any termite task and decrease ventilation. If the stored items include timber or cardboard boxes, you likewise give some nice termite food!

When you do your annual Springtime tidy, resolve this listing … it might conserve you from a costly termite assault! If you get your yearly termite assessment simultaneously, it will strengthen these general termite avoidance pointers and offer certain activities for your residential or commercial property. Your residence will certainly obtain the termite “all clear” with any luck.

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