What you need to know about the Genuity of a Treatment Center?

Addiction is a brain disorder disease and needs immediate attending which includes finding the best rehab centers for the patient. However, depending on your particular needs and situation, there are a huge number of additional questions to ask addiction treatment providers when you are trying to choose the right medication rehab center for yourself or a friend or family member. Be certain to read surveys on legacyhealing.com and other sources like Google, Facebook etc.

You can surf the internet for more information about specific rehab centers and the following are few questions to help you in finding the right answers:

  • What kind of accreditation or licensing do you obtain for your facility?
  • What credentials or licenses does the clinical staff obtain?
  • Is a multidisciplinary team involved in treatment?
  • What does the patient-to-counselor ratio look like?
  • Do you inculcate the use of evidence-based practices?
  • Does sexual orientation explicit programs exist?
  • Is your treatment program effective?
  • Are you in collaboration with my insurance?
  • Do you give mental health services?
  • Do you give medical detox or other medication-assisted therapies?
  • Do you offer an exclusive treatment to adults? (if application to you)
  • How is the program duration?
  • What type of post-treatment support do you offer?
  • Do you provide family support?
  • How long have you been in the business?

A brand new way of living comes with Addiction treatment. You may like to know that the changes that occur and the insights you obtained during rehab become the basis for your recovery all through the challenges life might bring across you. Remember this as you pick a treatment center. It will help you decide a good fit and know the best treatment approach for building a strong foundation for lifelong recovery.

Always Remember the Test of Time

After the passing ‘Affordable Care Act’, many Americans have the right to health insurance which  helps in covering the expense of drug rehab. While this is great news for individuals who need treatment but couldn’t afford to get the care in the past, thus, there’s been a surge of people eager to get into the addiction treatment business. Most rehab programs give quality care, but do your research thoroughly and always remember the test of time i.e. addictive treatment centers that have established for longer time have ascertained their reputation.

Things to Note after finding a credible Rehab

Before accepting to go to a rehab facility, you must go through detox treatment. Detox is the process where a patient frees his or her body of the addictive substance. From beginning to the end, this process varies in length, however, it usually takes seven days. In the detox, recovering patients will be monitored by doctors and nurses which give effective medications to manage withdrawal. So, once a patient finishes detox ready rehab follows. Treatment commencement should follow but, you will undergo an intake evaluation from an addiction counselor or mental health professional. This examination will note some stuff like self-reports of drug abuse, medical records, urine screening, blood testing, etc. The patient will provide as many information as possible regarding: medical history, mental status, physical conditions/issues, ways of drug or alcohol abuse, vital signs such as blood pressure, past detox or rehab encounters, living conditions, financial situation, and legal status, violence or suicide risk,  and cognitive, sensory, or physical disabilities.

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