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Kitchen Design Trends to watch in 2021

There’s no doubt that the year 2020 has made everyone realize the significance of home more than anything in the world. But nowhere this change is more apparent than in our kitchens. The upcoming year may appear brighter at this moment. Moreover, the need for comfort and practicality at home won’t decrease anytime soon.

Keeping this thought in mind, homeowners are inclining more towards modern, sleek kitchen designs – no matter they live in a large mansion or a small utilitarian abode. Since homeowners have started spending more time indoors, they have started taking their kitchen interior seriously. Why not? After all, a kitchen is as important as any other room in your house.

Continue reading to learn more about the latest Bauformat kitchens trends in 2021:

Smart kitchen

The upcoming year is more about smart kitchens in the new digital age. The more features that you’re likely to see in 2021 are one-touch functions, motion detection sensors, touchscreen appliances and more. When it comes to modular kitchen designs in 2021, the compact smart refrigerators are going to rock the kitchen appliance industry with their ability to alert you about unfit food and available food stock. 

Smart storage

With smart kitchen appliances, homeowners also require smart storage solutions. With functional and stylish storage space, your kitchen will set new kitchen decor goals. For instance, you can create a full-sized pantry cabinet with cold storage facility. This way, you’ll have the best facility in a minimalist kitchen cabinet design.

Play with some fun hues in the kitchen

When it comes to adding colours to your kitchen interior in 2021, you can add more fun colours to cabinets. Simply keep the kitchen walls neutral and add fun colours, textures or prints to the cabinets. This will help you add more excitement to your kitchen design without making it appear overwhelming.


Another popular kitchen trend in 2021 will be the two-toned kitchen interior. You can pick any of your favourite two tones from a wide range of marble and any other solid-coloured finish. A combination of solid colour and textured stone looks stunning. You can either select elongated laminates or matte finishes for getting a premium appearance.

Kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops are the best conversation starters. While marble worktops are still trending, quartz countertops are the best alternative to marble worktops. If you want a worktop without any flaws of the natural stone like marble, choosing a quartz worktop is a great choice. This worktop material is durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain.

Streamlined kitchen cabinets

To reflect minimalism in your kitchen, streamlined kitchen cabinets are a great option. If your kitchen walls have a loud colour or printed wallpaper, it’s best to avoid being overboard. Simply pick streamlined cabinets to create a clean and minimalist kitchen interior.

Multi-layered kitchen islands

A kitchen island will be another popular kitchen design trend in 2021. These are perfect for creating more storage area with a trendy vibe at the same time. You may even consider the multi-layered kitchen island for covering the maximum area in your cooking space.

Solid kitchen

Many homeowners still prefer marble in their kitchen. But homeowners who don’t want marble as a worktop, choosing it for the backsplash can be a good idea. You can play around with different materials like metal. You can even go for eco-friendly materials, such as icestone, granite, Cambria stone or alkemi recycled surfaces. 

Install shiny metallic taps

Within a simple and muted kitchen interior, you can add a touch of glamour with metallic, shiny taps. You can choose from a large variety of taps. However, the best metal for kitchen taps is brass, copper or any other stylish gold-plated metal. 


Since homeowners are becoming eco-friendly over the years, it’s best to reflect the same in the kitchen interior too. You can hang maximum plants in your kitchen to create a peaceful, soothing and natural atmosphere. Another famous kitchen design in 2021 will be installing energy-efficient windows. These are perfect for reflecting maximum light while keeping your kitchen area well-lit.


These are going to be the popular Bauformat kitchens UK trends in 2021. It’s time to look into your future for creating a modern, functional and eco-friendly kitchen design. If you want to renovate your kitchen or create a new kitchen, you can consult an experienced kitchen interior designer to make the right decision.

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