Kissanime Alternatives For Anime Lovers

Kissanime Alternatives

Online Focused File Sharing Site – Kissanime

Kissanime is an online anime-focused file-sharing site that hosted videos and links, allowing visitors to stream or download anime and video clips freely. It was formerly a sister website to another anime-watching website, KissManga, which launched in 2005. At the launch of Kissanime, the former site had more members than the latter. As of this writing, the former site holds over three million members.

The popularity of anime has lead to many websites dedicated to it. Some are video streaming portals, while others are image streaming portals. Either way, anime fans can find an online service that allows them to watch their favorite anime episodes at the most convenient time, be it from their desktop, mobile devices, or browser. The following article will highlight some of the features of Kissanime that differentiate it from other similar services.

Feature 1 – Anime Category

First, it offers a selection of popular anime series in the anime category. You can choose from popular Japanese broadcast anime series, Korean broadcast ones, Spanish broadcast anime series, etc. Unlike other sites offering similar services, Kissanime streams not only the anime series itself but also other related materials such as movies, music CDs, manga, and so forth. It streams all genres of anime movies and TV shows in both normal and HD quality. Some shows have entire seasons available in both formats.

Feature 2 – Genre Classification

Second, aside from having the most-watched anime series online, Kissanime has also been classified by genre. Whether you’re looking for something funny, thriller, romance, action, thriller, or more, Kissanime has categorized them for you. So if you want to watch anime series online without any problem at all, choose your favorite genre, and you’re good to go.

Feature 3 – Video Download Option

Third, another important feature Kissanime has that other similar sites don’t have the option to download videos. Although streaming videos on other anime websites are acceptable, many fans prefer to download animations for possible playback later on.

This is because uploading the entire thing may take up too much space on their PC. If they watch the episode later, they’ll have to open a file to open it and save it there instead. With kissanime, they are given the option to download a video instead of uploading it on their PC.

Feature 4 – Notification Option After Download

Fourth, if you love anime streaming but you hate waiting for a specific episode to come out, you don’t have to worry about that anymore with the help of the Kissanime website. The site allows users to register with their email accounts to be notified when new episodes of their favorite anime series become available.

For example, they get to know which anime streaming site has the newest episodes every week. They can also get updates on when new movies with their favorite anime characters will be out. Most sites would only let their subscribers know about this information once a month or once a year.

Feature 5 – Approved By Broadcast Standards

Fifth, many people think that kissing in anime movies or real life is taboo. This is not true anymore since many Kissanime websites have included special scenes with nudity and sex scenes. Although it may still not be approved by broadcast standards in the United States and other countries, it is quite popular in many television stations and networks. This is because it allows the director and producer to show more skin than shown on the screen. In addition, some people find it funny to see their favorite characters acting and kissing.

Kissanime Alternatives

Now that you know more about the different Kissanime alternatives, you should begin looking for them on the internet. Many websites offer anime streaming content, and you can either watch these videos online or download them to your computer.

Some websites also allow users to rate and comment on the videos. If you prefer to download several videos to your computer, you can connect to one of the many file-sharing websites available online. You will save and share them with your friends on the internet or with your relatives in other countries.

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