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Introduction to what cashback is with what cashback websites are

What is a cashback website along with the working of these websites?

Cashback is, as the name clearly suggests, the money one gets back. Normally, a cashback on the purchase of an item from a specific company or store is offered. Clothing, shoes, artificial jewelry, meat and groceries are usually sold via online shopping and have become one of all customers’ favorites. 

Cashback is a percentage or amount of money returned and returned to the consumer on the basis of the purchase of their desirable item. 

Cashback is a mechanism for growing revenue and attracting consumers from all over the world adopted by credit card companies. It is typically granted to holders of credit cards. 

Cashback deals are offers offered on a cashback product, these cashback offers can be learned through websites, apps or listed on your wishful product purchase.

What is a cashback website along with the working of these websites?

A cashback website is a website that provides its users with incentives, which is some percentage of cash spent when a customer buys through its partnered retailer websites. Basically, the concept is that by clicking on the links offered by the cashback website, you go to the retailer’s online store or website instead of heading straight to the physical store location.The item will still be issued by the retailer even when this is done, and the customer will still get a portion of the spent amount from the cashback website. This cash that is paid back is actually a fraction of the overall amount you pay while purchasing goods.Whether it’s groceries, toiletries, appliances or even insurance plans or broadband offers, these pages provide links to all kinds of retailers. Mostly cashback deals are available for all of them.

A user’s guide for the use of these cashback websites

Following are the steps to use a cashback website:

The first step is to register with one or more cashback websites. Most of these websites can be joined free of cost, but some websites charge an annual fee as a matter of time or if a premium account is chosen by the user. 

If a user wishes to purchase a particular product or service, he or she has to browse through the website to see if their preferred favorite retailers or financial services firms are providing them good deals or not.

Once an ideal deal has been found, the user has to visit the retailer website by clicking on the link provided to him/her by the cashback site rather than directly accessing the retailer’s website. If the retailer’s website has been previously accessed, then internet cookies need to be deleted before clicking through, in order for the cashback website to be recognized as the referral source for the retailer. 

When the purchase is completed, the retailer gives commission to the cashback website used by the user. Further, the cashback website pays a part of this amount to you by transferring into your bank account or online wallet. The user might have to reach a certain minimum cashback level in order to be able to withdraw the money.

What does one understand by cashback promotions?

The most used, liked, recognised and promoted promotional technique for promotional mechanisms in the industry. Who doesn’t like a cashback, getting a certain amount of cash back to you is something everyone wants to make it be the richest man like Mr.Ambani or a middle class man everyone loves a good cashback.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these cashback promotions?


  1. Cashback promotions much cheaper to put out, the only requirements that cost are printing and designing which need to be put into the package or handed separately during the purchase of the desired item by the customer.
  2. Consumers claiming cashback are required to provide data in order for the claim to be processed. This is a great opportunity to ask a few more questions that will give you the insight you need to continually improve your proposition.
  3. Cashback promotions can be very easily understood by all types of audience, make it be kids, young adults, adults and old age everyone and hence this type of mechanism can be used by all types of market.
  4. Unlike discounts which depreciate the profit of the salesman, cashback leaves some margin for profit whilst increasing the sales and reputation of the salesman.
  5. Setting time lines on these cashback also increases sales as  it creates a rush within the customers to make a good purchase as soon as possible directly increasing the sales of the salesman.


  1. Because of its excessive use and popularity, this mechanism does not standout from the rest, though this can be covered up by offering a well balanced cashback.
  2. Cashback values need to be set carefully to ensure that even after the cashback value is deducted from the sale value, revenue is still guaranteed for each purchase. This shouldn’t be too hard for most brands however, as of course profit margins are normally closely tracked.
  3. This mechanism makes it harder to calculate the redemption rate and earn profit due to the fast changing value of the currency.

Which are the best cashback websites in India available for its customers?

Some of the Indian best cashback websites available to its users are listed below which offer its users with fresh and new cashbacks everyday.


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