Important factors to keep in mind while choosing best pre primary school in Pune for your child

A pre-school is where your child takes their first steps to become an individual. They learn how to be social, get a glimpse of their talents, and find their identity outside of the family structure. A right nursery school becomes a bridge for the child between the home and school and imparts essential skills to the child. The child cultivates a sense of responsibility and discipline, which helps them through their journey of life. In pre-school, a child finds their foundation of education and moral values that, if hampered, can alter their behaviour in the later years.

As parents, it is a massive responsibility to choose the right pre primary school for the child. With the variety of schools and curriculums available in a city like Pune, this decision can cause a lot of confusion too. So, we help you with a particular set of factors that can help you choose the best pre-school in Pune:

  1. Location

The schools’ location is a crucial factor in choosing the right pre-school for your child. You want your child to step outside of your home but not too far, especially in case an emergency arises. Additionally, the distance that the child has to travel every day can make them anxious. It is easier to pick up and drop your kids at pre-school if it is at a comfortable distance. Also, it makes it easier to check on them, especially in the initial days of school. So, look at school within a comfortable radius of your home.

  1. Reputation and Reference

You must put in extensive research in looking for good pre primary school for your kid. The best way to perform this is to seek references. Talk to your friends and relatives to know which school has a good reputation. Look up these schools online and check out their reviews. Ask the parents what they like about a particular school. Talk to them about the level of parent engagement allowed by the school. 

Most importantly, ask them if their children enjoy going to school. You can look at several educational portals available on the internet which show the top-ranking schools in Pune. These portals will also give you information about the school, their curriculum, and the facilities they offer. Look around and talk to people so that you get the lay of the land.

  1. Facilities

While young children may not need physics or chemistry labs or football grounds, they still need a certain set of basic facilities for their physical and mental growth. The school should have ample classroom space for kids to move around, a designated play area, and avenues that trigger the creative and physical aspects of the kids. The outdoor space should be hazard-free. Apart from this, an essential facility that the school should offer is safety. Your child needs to be safe when they are in school. Usually, schools now have security cameras, proper fencing and guards to ensure the safety of all children.

  1. Parent Engagement and Communication

Since your child is a toddler, they might not be able to communicate about the happenings of the school. So, the school must reach out to you, intermittently over the academic year to inform you about your child’s progress. The way the school passes on the details about the daily activities of the child such as behaviour, mood, food intake and any development gaps to the parents at the right time, will play a vital role. A good school will take measures to ensure that they keep you updated about your child’s activities. Some schools usually forge a strong parent community that is involved in events throughout the year.

  1. Curriculum

Your child needs to be prepared for this fast-changing technological world. So, the traditional ways of education might not suffice for the needs of their future. Good pre-schools ensure that they change and update their curriculum according to the requirements of the world. For example, pre primary schools that follow the Montessori pattern of education don’t simply focus on learning the alphabet and nursery rhymes. They ensure that children receive a wholesome experience with cognitive, mental, and emotional growth. So, take an in-depth look at the educational experience that the schools offer and choose one which encompasses all aspects of your child’s development. Moreover, the pre-primary curriculum should have been designed to ensure a seamless transition to primary wings.

  1. Faculty

The pre-school faculty will be the first external authority figures that your child will come across. Hence, they have a lot of responsibility for leaving the right impression on the child’s mind. Apart from optimum education, teachers need to be compassionate and must have a passion for teaching. Only such teachers will be able to help your child find themselves in their journey.

It is in pre-school that a child finds their foundation of education and moral values. So, take your time and choose the right one.

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