Importance of Regular Inspection of the Septic Tank in your home!

Did you know that your septic tanks require a little more care than you are already giving them? However, septic tank repairs do not have to be messy, expensive, or even complicated to get them going. Just basic care and routine maintenance are all that you need to utilize your septic tank for years. 

Regular inspection and maintenance will improve the health of your septic system:

  • Frequent inspections can point out even minor issues that can cause bigger problems in the future. 
  • Let’s assume small leaks that cause a delay in filling the tank. The small leaks not only increase your bills but also wastes a lot of water in the process. 
  • Regularly pumping your septic tank is also important; how often? There are several factors to determine it. 
  • The size of your house and the septic tank, the amount of wastewater generated by the end of the month, and the surroundings of your home, determine how frequently you should clean your septic tanks. 
  • In general, we advise you to pump out the wastewater once every three to five years, contact the nearest Plumber in Gold Coast, and well, you are all good to go!

Utilize the water more efficiently by checking the wastage:

  • Excessive water usage can also result in tank failure. In addition, leaks in faucets and toilets increase the need for its repairs. 
  • When more water flows in the septic tank, it tends to fail. Since the storage containment is of a limited size, excess water can damage the tank. 
  • Avoid draining your hot tub into the septic tank since a large volume of water can drown the drain field. 
  • The chlorine in the hot tub can kill the bacteria in the septic tank that purifies the water and cause issues in the long run. 

Erosion is harmful, and so is trees with long roots:

  • Ideally, the grass is the ideal coverage for the drain fields that reduces soil erosion. 
  • Trees with long roots can intrude and structurally damage the septic tank. 

Clear drain field by keeping excess water or landscaping plastics away from the area:

  • Excess water in the field from sprinklers or irrigation systems can run away from the drain field. Therefore too much water in the drain field is also a problem. 
  • Avoid parking or driving over the drain field, and do not keep storage sheds, patios, carports, or any landscaping plastic near the area as well. 
  • Packed-down soil also results in broken pipes. 

Septic tanks should be easily accessible for easy inspection:

  • Easily accessible septic tanks can help your local plumber in Gold Coast easily inspect any fault. 
  • Easy access not only reduces hard work and labor but also reduces your expenses. 
  • The use of a riser to empty your septic tanks leads to less mess and less disruption. 

Watch what goes in the drainage:

  • Prevent any build-up of solid disposal inside the septic tank, leading to clogged or choked drain fields.
  • Grease forms gunk along the drainage pipes, and too much grease over time can clog the drain field resulting in costly affairs. 
  • Anything besides human waste and toilet paper down the flush is a big no-no!

The septic tank is meant to dispose of your waste securely. The good bacteria present in the tank breaks down the solid and keeps your drainage system going. If you poured a heavy, greasy chemical down the drains, into the septic, or feel that the drainage is clogged, you must contact the Plumbing services in Gold Coast as soon as possible!


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