How You Can Connect With Saúl Rodríguez

Saúl Rodríguez is a YouTube star and he makes videos on Challenges,

Who is Saúl Rodríguez

Saúl Rodríguez is a YouTube star and he makes videos on Challenges, Vlog, Street Interviews and jokes. He has 2.51M Subscribers on YouTube which is a great success in this short period of time.

In 2010 at the age of 11, the life of Saúl Rodrígez took a radical change due to the fact that his parents divorced, which is why his attention to school became null, turning what was a child of excellence into someone distracted that it was not important because of the school, at that same time, he began to work in music, playing the violin in a Mariachi band, his father accompanied him as one of the members of the group, in that same place he began to live much more with his cousin “Yeisson Rodriguez” with whom he would later start the NoNosCortes channel.

Where You Can Find Him

You can see Saúl Rodríguez on Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter etc.

Just go on that platform you are using to find him. Search his name or his channel name “NoNosCortes”.


On Instagram, he has 273k Followers and 93 posts. He take so hot and professional pictures and upload them on instagram. You can visit him on Instagram and message him if you want any question to ask.


As YouTube is his first priority and he always focus on YouTube first.

He has 2.51m subscribers on YouTube. You can visit him on YouTube on which you will see all of his videos.


You can also find him on Facebook on which he give reports and updates about his new video and situation at that time. He can also reply you on facebook if you want to ask him any question.


You know YouTuber without Twitter account is incomplete. He also use Twitter to see the current situation of his country and other issues. He also give his reports and updates on twitter about his health, new video, and situations.

We are sharing his youtube and instagram on which you can see him easily.

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