How using ERP Software makes Blinds Business Management easy

The process of creating blinds, shades, shutters and draperies is made easier when Blinds Business ERP in USA is used. However, there are several other benefits of using such software which is increasingly common in the window treatment industry. We look at how such software is being used to improve online sales of window treatments and how small businesses are using it to become profitable faster.

Software ensures that profits increase

With the aid of Blinds Business ERP in USA software Wholesalers and Retailers can create products while reducing the amount of raw materials used. The reduced need for raw materials is noticeable in the production department. In this department, highly accurate quotes and orders are used to created accurate products in the first attempt. As a result, the need for rectifying blinds, shades, shutters and draperies are reduced. This, in turn, causes for money spent on raw materials to be reduced and profits to increase.

ERP Software gets products to customers on time

The Blinds Business ERP in USA Software that is available to Wholesalers and Retailers ensures that they can ship their products and get them to customers in time. The software has advanced tracking features for products and ensures that managers can keep track of them even when they are in the hands of courier and delivery companies.

Unique features for managing customers

When End Customers or Retailers want to Buy Shutter and Blinds in USA, the Software ensures that their needs are catered to. With the aid of the software, small businesses can handle customers from the time they request a quote over the telephone or via email. Customer information is maintained accurately in the software which ensures duplicate records are not created, and it also helps in the creation of accurate orders. With the aid of these accurate orders, products can be made with ease and delivered to customers and Retailers on time. Importantly, small businesses using ERP software can ensure that customer issues if and when they arise are handled promptly. The software also ensures that customers get their issues handled on time and resolved with ease, and thereby encourages them to remain loyal.

Makes the process of creating quotes and orders much faster

The process of creating quotes in Wholesalers and Retailers in the window treatment industry can be long drawn out when the software is not in use. Without access to software, sales agents in small businesses have to spend up to an hour creating a quote after they reach the customer location. Software helps in drastically reducing the time needed to create quotes as it privies sales agents with quick access to data. This data such as price tables, files, images and more can be accessed within seconds and importantly sales agents do not have to spend time searching through filing cabinets for several folders. Also, the software aids sales agents in the creation of quotes and orders by prompting them to select input correct measurements for window treatments. Sales agents also get notifications which help them select the right accessories for shades, blinds, shutters and draperies this improves the accuracy of orders.

Helps save on employee costs

As sales agents can create quotes faster they can spend the time saved on serving more customers. As a result, small businesses do have to hire new employees to handle the increased flow of customers. Additionally, company ERP software helps reduce the amount of manual labor that needs to be done. As a result, employees can spend the time saved on more productive tasks, and it ensures that the business becomes profitable faster.

Smoothes the way for customers to Buy Shutter and Blinds in USA on online stores

Increasingly software is helping small businesses offer their products on online sores. Online customers can pick from the various products on offer and Buy Shutter and Blinds in USA that are created with high accuracy. The software helps businesses keep track of orders placed online and routes them to the production department so that work can be started on them immediately. This lessens the chance of delays hampering the delivery of products.

Wholesalers and Retailers are opting to use ERP Software in the window treatment businesses as it brings them several unique benefits. Contact BMS Link to request a free trial of our software and experience how it can help your company thrive.

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