How to Unblock Netflix at School or Work

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, a lot of classes or lectures get cancelled. Even at work, the workload is reduced due to less production or demand. We get an ample amount of time that is hard to kill and, in such an event, we wish if we could get access to our favourite TV shows or web series. Most of the educational institutions or workplaces block Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and other unproductive sites that make them inaccessible.

You can always unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Fortnite, Minecraft, Pokemon, social media sites, and other streaming channels or blocked websites with smart tweaks. If you are travelling abroad, you may face difficulties in browsing geographically restricted websites. These tips and tricks can help you bypass the network settings and let you access all your favourite episodes.

Unblock Netflix Using Proxy Servers

Earlier people sued to unblock Netflix using proxy servers that used to create private tunnels on your browser. If you just want to use it for a single instance or a short span of time, you can browse through proxy servers like Hidester, KProxy,, VPN Book and others however we don’t recommend using proxy servers. Proxy Servers may push pop-ups or redirect you to different sites that make it unsafe to use.

Unblock Netflix Using a VPN Server

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secured tunnel and changes your IP Address according to the selected country server. It helps you go anonymous by hiding your identity and network information like your IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and other system details and mask a virtual identity on your connection with the local ISP details.

Your School or ISP won’t know what you are doing or browsing as it all goes through an encrypted tunnel and you can browse any website anonymously. Every VPN offers numerous servers to connect that lets you switch to different servers that allows everything and unblocks your requested content. A VPN works like a site un-blocker and opens access to geographically restricted content.


Choosing the Best VPN

Now that you know that a VPN can take you out of the situation and unblock Netflix and other restricted content at school or work, choosing the right VPN might be a challenge for you. Here are a few critical must-have features that a VPN should have to give you the liberty of accessing your favourite sites.

Maximum Server Locations

The best VPN network should have the highest number of server locations available in a maximum number of countries. More available locations reduce the load on a single network and switch between the lightest available network to enhance your browsing experience. More server locations have less load on individual servers that gives you speedy performance.

Compatible with Mobile Phones

Technology has evolved smartphones in such a manner that these smartphones have replaced everything including computers. Most of the users browse through their smartphones hence the VPN should have mobile apps that can connect to your network and unblock Netflix or other streaming sites. A single plan should make it compatible with all the devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Inbuilt Kill Switch

The best VPN should have integrated Kill Switch to safeguard your data and information when the connection drops. Whenever a VPN server gets overloaded, it switches to a different server and during this connection drop, you may be a victim of IP Leaks. The Kill Switch hides your IP and credentials even when you go offline or the connection drops. The Kill Switch turns off the data transmission.

Anonymous DNS Servers

The Domain Name Servers (DNS) translates the web browser URL into a numerical IP Address of the site. By default, this DNS translation job is done by your ISP if there isn’t any VPN configured. If you connect to a VPN server, the VPN takes charge to perform this translation job. Setting up a VPN enhances privacy and offers accessibility.

Zero Log Policy

Every VPN is designed to leave zero traces or stop recording any event. Zero Trace policy mean they will not fetch any details, record any activity or event performed by you or store cache, cookies, and traces. All the accounts are private and personal. Every VPN server claims to follow this religiously however not all of them follow this to the core.

Supports IKeV2 or Open VPN

Most trusted VPN services use Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKev2) to establish a secure tunnel, offer good speed and secure data. Open VPN Protocols and IKev2 versions are the most trusted and secured tunnels. VPNs supporting this feature are considered to be robust and secured.

Pocket Friendly

VPNs supporting routers are normally expensive and comes with a yearly plan. But the best VPN to unblock Netflix at school or at work, should be pocket friendly and be available for a monthly subscription. At the same time, VPNs available for a pocket-friendly cost should also have all the latest features available and offer good connectivity, security, and anonymity.

Best VPN Networks

There are numerous VPN networks that claim to be the best and offering most of the features listed above. Nord VPN, Express VPN, SurfShark, IPVanish, ProtonVPN, and a few others are the common names that are popular but not all of them offers the best connectivity at a reasonable cost. We have tested, reviewed, compared, and listed the best VPN services available in 2021 and found Systweak VPN that meets all requirements in terms of features, security, and cost.

systweak vpn

Systweak VPN

Systweak VPN is the best compatible VPN service for Windows 10 and the earlier version. It ensures your 100% online Anonymity while ensuring data privacy and security. Systweak VPN uses AES-256-bit Military-Grade encryption to safeguard your classified information.

You can unblock Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Social Networking websites, Google, Facebook, and other global content while keeping your anonymity intact. Systweak VPN comes with a Kill Switch and supports Open VPN and IKev2 connections.

systweak vpn process

You can connect to public Wi-Fi, hotspot connections at airport, restaurants, schools, colleges, and other workplaces to unblock geographically restricted content. It doesn’t leave any footprints or log any traces of your online activity.

You can connect through 4500 plus servers on 200 plus locations across 53 plus countries. Systweak VPN can bypass ISP throttling and experience the same high-speed without any buffering. Ensure your privacy and security with a no-data leak policy.

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