How to Troubleshoot Printer Offline problem?

Sometimes getting into printer issues can be troublesome. After completing the smooth working phase, every printer starts showing some hardware or software issues. Printer offline is one of the most common errors on every printer. The printer can get offline due to various reasons.

Possible reasons for getting Printer Offline

  1. Your printer is unable to connect with a network
  2. Unable to communicate with the PC
  3. Printer driver gets outdated
  4. Paper jamming
  5. The cartridge is not installed properly
  6. Printhead gets overheated
  7. Printer ink gets dried up

Best ways for troubleshooting Printer Offline error:

Check for paper jamming

Paper jamming errors occur mostly on old printer models and DMPs. Paper jamming is a very common error and mostly occurs when the pages are not aligned correctly on the input tray. When the user gives the print command, the printer takes a sheet from the input tray. The sheet gets torn and stuck inside the printer and gets the printer into error. For removing the paper jam, you need to take out the paper from your printer. Open the access door of your printer to take out the cartridge. Now remove the torn pages from your printer. Take a clean and dry cloth to remove all the dust. Reinstall the cartridge on the printer and then check for the error.

Check the printer connection

Your printer gets offline when it is unable to connect with the PC or network. If you have a wired connection then check your USB cable. Make sure the cable is not faulty or loose. Always use high-speed USB for printer devices. If you are using the printer wirelessly then check the network. In the network printing, check whether your PC and printer are connected to the same network or not. Restart your router and then try to connect the devices.

Perform a power restart

If your printer is getting into error due to some runtime issues then restarting the printer may troubleshoot the error. For a power restart, pull out the power cord from the printer and wait for a minute. Remove the USB cord from the PC also. Now reconnect the power cord and USB cable. The printer will restart automatically. Now go to the Printer and Scanner folder and check the printer status.

Reinstall the ink cartridge

Sometimes the cartridge of the printer didn’t install correctly and starts showing the error. Open the printer door and remove the cartridge. Check the cartridge to ensure that it is not broken. Now check the contact pins of the cartridge. You must remove the protective tapes and clips from the printer before installing it on your printer. After removing all the tapes from the cartridge, reinstall the cartridge. Make sure the cartridge pins are touching the contacts. Now go to the printer and check whether the printer is online or not.

Check the driver of your printer

For taking printouts from a device, you need to install the printer driver. The driver provides updates to the user, you must update the driver to its latest version. When the printer is offline, check the printer driver on your computer. If it is outdated then install the latest update. In case the printer driver gets corrupted then you have to reinstall the driver on your computer. After reinstalling the driver, give a printer command and check whether your printer is working or not.

Inspect the printhead of your printer

The printhead can get overheated when the user takes lots of printouts simultaneously. When the error appears, check the printhead immediately. If the printhead is overheated then wait until it cools down. Sometimes the error can appear when your printhead gets clogged. Take a clean cloth and alcohol-based cleanser for cleaning the dried ink from the printer. The user can also use the printer utility tool for cleaning the printhead. If your printer is still on offline mode then you should ask the technician for help.

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