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How to Prepare Walls for Paint in Dubai

Undoubtedly, preparing the walls before painting is one of the most tedious tasks, and many people prefer to skip it. Everyone wants to jump to the exciting part of the new Wall Painting Services in Dubai, so it’s appealing to ignore the uninteresting steps in preparing the paint. However, it should be noted that proper paint prep is essential to get the desired paint color on the wall. So skipping such steps is not a smart decision.

You can follow the guidelines below to do an excellent job of preparing the paint for the walls.

Take Out the Furniture and Protect the Device

Before preparing the wall, it is somewhat imperative to move the furniture out of the room. If it looks difficult, put the furniture in the center of the room and cover it appropriately with plastic towels.

Painting the cover outlets takes less effort but does not produce excellent results. For a perfect look, remove the cover plates from the switches and other sockets. Also, do not leave the ceiling fan uncovered and properly wrap it with plastic. You can use a plastic bag or painter’s faucet to cover the doorknob and avoid dirt and dust.

Fix Error

Take a close look at the wall for a proper idea of ​​blemishes. If you pay enough attention to discoloration and imperfections on the wall, the paint will roll smoothly and evenly. Ignorance of damaged walls can never lead to polished results. So never overlook them.

You can use a spatula to scrape off the spilled paint. When you find the small holes in the wall, you can cover them up with the putty product. It will take some time to dry, but apply the primer as soon as you are done.

For larger holes, use the patch kits to cover holes. This is the key to maintaining impeccable color. It is not a reasonable judgment to leave the holes unnoticed as paint can never cover them and make them stand out.

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Remove Dirt and Dust from the Wall

When you paint the dirty wall, prepare for unsatisfactory results. The fact is, the dirty walls can never make the painted walls look pristine. So make a little effort. To do this, take a damp towel and thoroughly clean the dirty walls. If you need to paint the kitchen, use soapy water to remove spilled food from the wall.

Apply Tape and Prime

Wait for the walls to dry completely, and then apply the painter’s tape around the siding. It is preferable to use long ribbons to avoid gaps and paint leakage. Applying primer can give the walls a flawless look. So apply the primer to both the siding and the corner of the room. You can use rollers for the rest of the walls as this makes the whole process less complicated.

Final Words

If you do all of these steps right, you are sure to be able to get the color you want on the wall. Otherwise, time and effort may be wasted.

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Rana Awais Ghaffar

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