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How to Pick the Right Wedding Ring for Your Woman?

Wedding bands are one way of showcasing one’s commitment and willingness to marry. If you have found your lifetime happiness, it’s time that you plan for a gesture with a beautiful and intimate wedding band. However, finding the right one among an array of wedding rings for women is no less than finding your life partner.

It has to be perfectly stylish, much to the liking of the one wearing it. You must consider the wedding band’s shape, size, metal, finish, and budget. If you need clarification about what wedding band you should pick for your loved one, this guide will help you land the right one for your right one!

Consider These to Choose the Right Wedding Ring

You will come across a vast sea of wedding rings for women in some of Australia’s reputed shopping stores for rings. However, when you have to face a tray of wedding rings with the seller talking highly about each of them, picking one can be daunting. 

This guide is like a mini rulebook for all the lover boys to buy the perfect band for their girlfriends. Research the following factors before browsing through wedding bands.


  • Size

The first and most vital thing is to get the finger size. Ask the person directly or find a way without disclosing much. You can use a proper ring gauge or ring sizer for accurate reading or get hold of one of her existing rings. 

Make sure the size is not too tight or too loose. It should sit on the finger without much pressure.

  • Shape

You are in luck because there are ample ring shapes that render them light or heavy weight. Some shapes reflect a traditional look, while others can be simple and elegant. You can choose the ring shape based on the engagement ring. 

If you want something lightweight, go for the D-shaped ring with a flat inside and a broad surface. You can go for the court-shaped ring if your girl puts comfort first. It has a round appearance and provides no friction to the fingers.

If one already has an engagement ring, a halo-shaped ring will sit well beside any other ring because of its thinness. 

  • Metal

The choice of metal will affect the weight and durability of the ring. Gold Rings are an all-time classic choice because of their lustre and relative scarcity. It is also easy maintenance and dates back to traditions. On the other hand, Platinum and metal rings give away a modern style. While Platinum is expensive, heavier and durable, metal rings come in various prices and weights.

  • Weight

The choice of a heavier or lighter ring depends on your partner’s preferences. If you do not have the slightest idea, you can study the type of jewellery worn by the person. If your woman likes to go heavy on some days and light on some, the ball is in your court. 

You can proceed with what you like.

  • Budget

After all the research, it’s time to consider your budget. When buying online, apply filters and choose the specifications of what you want. You can make your love yours without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wrapping Up

Once you decide to propose, the first important thing is to find the perfect wedding band that will deliver your desires. It should reflect your love and commitment towards each other. You can get a custom wedding band if you want a special part of your life etched in the ring.

Choosing one from ample wedding rings for women will be easier now with this on-point guide. To top it off, you can go for exquisite bands with studded crystals like diamond or Swarovski. 


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