How to make special phone numbers

Nowadays everyone has a personal mobile phone with a personal phone number. Everyone has a different phone number. Phone numbers cannot be similar in any way. Phone numbers are not changed frequently, once bought they are used for a long time. Usually, people have phone numbers of ordinary sequence but nowadays having a VIP or special phone number is in trend. There are many companies selling VIP or special phone numbers. Jio is one of such companies. You buy VIP number Jio sim that a special digit sequence. You can buy a number of your choice, unless, that number is already registered with someone else’s name. You can either ask for the number you want or you can go through the list of special numbers available. Available means those numbers that have not been bought by any other person yet. There several ways that you can use to make a special phone number.

The following are the ways that you can use to make special phone numbers:

  • The first way to make a special number is using the dates like your birthdate is 29-04-1998; you can buy a number that may have 29041998 at its end or in middle. Not only birthdate, but you can use other dates also like anniversary date, your wife’s birthdate, your mother’s birthdate, etc. You can also use such numbers to give someone as a birthday gift.
  • The other way to make a special phone number is to use similar numbers with two or three different digits for family. For example, your phone number is 869XXXXX01, you can buy, if available, 869XXXXX02 for your wife.
  • You can also use a specific number to make a VIP phone number like you can use the number of your car, bike, house, or any other specific number. It is not easy to get specific numbers, but you can make different combinations of specific numbers to get the same phone number.
  • If you know your lucky number or you believe that any sequence of numbers is lucky for you. Like some people believe that ‘786’ is lucky for them. Such people can buy a phone number that may have this sequence, whether in the end or middle. This will make you look amazing, cool, and feel lucky.
  • You can buy similar phone numbers for business purposes. For example, you can buy similar phone numbers for your employees with one or two different digits. It will also let people know the brand of your company through the phone number.

In all the above-mentioned ways, you can select a VIP or special phone number. Now it has become very easy to get VIP numbers. You can buy a VIP number of any company from the sale. Many VIP numbers are available on the sale of different companies like there are Jio VIP numbers for sale. You can buy such numbers online as well as offline. If you will buy it online, the selected phone number will be delivered to your place within a few days. You can either buy a pre-paid or post-paid sim.

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