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How To Make a Solo Night In Better Than Any Night Out

We all need quality time with ourselves. Time to re-group, collect our thoughts, and re-charge our social batteries. Covid has left us with a feeling of guilt when staying at home and while our freedom is certainly to be celebrated, the relief provided by time alone is still to be enjoyed. ‘Un-winding’ looks different for everyone, but here we avoid the ‘learn a new language and run 10km’ kind of tiring activities reminiscent of lockdown and instead suggest how you can truly find your ‘chill’.

Check out the tips below for some alternatives to the usual TV binge that follows social fatigue and maximise your enjoyment of those lovely nights alone.

Clear Your Headspace

It can be difficult to separate time alone with time to worry, so it is beneficial to practice some anxiety reducing activities to make the rest of your evening truly relaxing. Guided meditations with the Calm App can be like a mental massage. You can soften the intensity of your thoughts and allow yourself to relax into a state of calm. If that isn’t for you, you could listen to an audiobook or podcast instead, focusing the brain on something new and interesting. It’s slightly more active than bingeing a TV series, but similarly allows you to shut off thoughts from the outside world.

A New Hobby

With most of us seeing time alone as an opportunity to passively catch up on Netflix, something you may not have considered is venturing into the world of gaming. An even more immersive experience than TV, gaming submerges you in a new world, completely separate from reality. It is the most escapist activity you could spend your night at home doing. Whether you have never picked up a controller or you’re a gaming connoisseur, why not invest in a truly indulgent gamer experience with the right tech? Have a browse of the Lenovo Gaming SSD PCs to kick-start your gaming journey. The perfect antidote to your hard working day in reality.

Cooking For One

There’s nothing wrong with spending solo evenings sunk into a nook in the sofa with a takeaway. However, you may find that exploring something more focused can provide a better relief from your anxieties. Cooking for yourself, for example. Shuffle a jazzy playlist, pick up a copy of Meera Soda’s ‘Fresh India’ and impress yourself with a new cuisine. Cooking can be intimidating but can also serve as a kind of active meditation. Taking the time to make something new is certainly a great form of self-care and will leave you fully rejuvenated.

These activities can help you leave the events of the day at the door, making home a place of relief from the busy outside world. It’s so important to take time for yourself, treat yourself to the best and know it’s okay to reward your efforts in an era where we are constantly overloaded with information. So why not try something new, without pressure, just for yourself?

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