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How to Maintain Pellet Grill


As the temperatures rise it’s time to start dreaming of delicious smoked brisket that is smokey and delicious barbecue pulled pork. If you have smoker or pellet grill the summer months are likely to bring endless cookouts, family meals and barbecues in the backyard. However, before you reach for your spatula and tongs, you must first make sure your grill is ready for summer with a bit of cleaning.

Cleansing your pellet grill will keep the food fresh and delicious, and your barbecue operating efficiently. In this article, we’ll explain the best way to clean your pellet grill, from its shiny exterior to its grates that are greasy. Make use of these pellet grill cleaning and maintenance techniques to ensure your smoker is looking great all season all season.

Each when you use your grill, it accumulates grease and ash. In time the accumulation of grease and ash can affect how well the pellet smoker operates and could even decrease the time-to-use that your smoker will last. Here are some reasons why regular cleaning of your pellet smoker is crucial:

Keeps food and food items clean It is important to note that the more ash pellets collect inside your smoker, the more ash that circulates inside the smoker as you’re cooking. A dirty smoker means that your food is dirty, as well. If you’re working on improving your infant backribs recipe you’re not going to want the pellets to accidentally become the most sought-after ingredient.

Improved temperature control: Keeping the interior of your pellet grill clean allows for more airflow, which results in greater temperature control. If the ash accumulates too much in the pot, it could hinder airflow in the burn pot, which can cause an uneven burning process that could influence the temperature of your grill or make the fire disappear. If you’re making smoking wings of chicken for the 100th time or trying some new recipes, having a proper temperature control will allow you to achieve the best results from your grill.

Grill function properly When you fail to clean the burner in your grill made of pellets, ash accumulation can eventually stop the grill from igniting. This can be quite annoying in the event that you were planning to grill for all your guests at a barbecue providing your grill with a thorough cleaning is likely to restore it to its best condition. But, in the worst-case scenario the grill that is filthy could be a major issue when the grease drain tube gets blocked, it will flow get back into the grill, or could ignite a fire when you next turn on your grill. There will be burned food and also ruin the top wood pellet grill you have.

If you wish to ensure that your grill stays in tip-top condition for decades to come, regular BBQ maintenance and cleaning is crucial.


The frequency at which you need to clean your pellet grill will depend on how frequently you utilize it. If you’re an avid griller and are a frequent flipper of the burgers each night, you’ll need to clean your grill thoroughly at least once per week. If you only grill once every couple of weeks, you may be able to keep your grill cleaner less frequently.

In general, you’ll have to thoroughly clean your grill a few times during summer grilling. In general, it is best to stay on top of the maintenance for your pellet grill. If you delay, it will make the next clean-up more difficult. Cleaning tasks that aren’t as big are usually done every couple of weeks or even weekly, based on the grill you use. This is a simple grill cleaning schedule that will tell you the frequency of cleaning your grill:

Every couple of weeks: The drip tray in the grill as well as your barbecue’s burner pot must be cleaned out every few weeks. If your BBQ includes an ash collector tray, it must also be cleaned regularly. The frequency at which you clean the grill’s interior will be contingent upon the frequency you grill. Try to wash the burn pot and the grease drip tray every 3 to 5 occasions you cook. The smokestack on your pellet grill must be cleaned at least every couple of weeks to ensure adequate airflow.

Each time you grill every grilling session must start or end with an effective scrub of the grill grates. Cleansing the grill grates will keep your food tasting great and will help prevent the build-up of grease. Our father always said to usthat “it’s just extra flavor” however, this was due to the fact that the grill was cooked using propane, which provides required flavor. Grill grates should also be cleaned before the BBQ is heating up, which means it’s usually easier to clean the grill grates when you have already put the grill cooking. The drip bucket that drips grease as well as the drain tube for grease and the exterior of the grill must be cleaned after each grilling session too.

A helpful tip: To make it easy to clean-up, put aluminum foil the pellet grill drip pan liner to the drip pan.

For a deep-cleaning of your grill, you must perform all of the cleaning steps that were mentioned earlier, and take the extra time to thoroughly clean and get rid of any scale and grease from the outside part of the grill. If you maintain regular maintenance for your pellet smoker during the year it will make your grill more durable when you make use of it. Check out the manual of your pellet grill for precise maintenance procedures as well as cleaning plans.


In order to clean the pellet grill you’ll require tools to scrape away ash, scraping off grease and cleaning the outside of your barbecue. In general, you should to select scrapers that are not metallic and not too rough so that it doesn’t scratch the grill’s surface. Cleansing cloths are gentle and aren’t that beautiful that you want them to be damaged due to smoke or greasesince they’ll. Disposable soft rags are usually the best choice for this reason.

Here’s the complete checklist of what you need to wash your grill using:

A scraper or brush A griddle scrape plastic putty knife or wooden paint stirring stick, or bristles made of non-metallic are effective. It is possible to get several small brushes in order to access the corners and crevices of your smoker, and larger brushes that can quickly eliminate scale off the walls of your chamber.

Paper towels and rags Rags and paper towels are perfect for wiping and polishing the exterior of your grill. On the other hand, paper towels are usually the best choice for messy jobs like cleaning your grease bucket or drip tray for grease.

Cleaning solution: To clean the exterior of your grill, stainless steel cleaner can give your grill a shine. You can also make use of a barbecue grease cleaner. Biodegradable cleaning products or non-toxic barbecue degreasers are great options to clean the grill’s interior. If you’d like to make your own grill cleaner solution to clean your grill, then warm water and soap that is regular work well. We’ve found that using a BBQ grease cleaner to be the best option however make sure your grill is not hot prior to making use of.

Utility vacuum cleaner A utility vacuum cleaner, also known as a shop vac, is the most efficient method to get rid of ash in the pellet smoker. If you do not own an industrial shop vac, you could utilize a handheld cleaner instead. A ash vac can be useful as well. The ash vac was designed to take finer ash particles. It can withstand heat in case there is a hot ember inside the vacuum.

Nitrile gloves: With a higher gauge Nitrile gloves are an option. It’s your choice if you’d like maintain your hand hygiene, or do you like the rough appearance of dirty fingers.

The specific tools you pick to clean your grill will be contingent on your preference and what you have at hand. Giving your grill a clean will not require expensive tools or equipment, and you’ll often complete the task using materials you have at home.


Based on the design of the pellet smoker you have, the procedure to clean your grill could be different. But, this guide will give you the fundamental information you require to efficiently clean your pellet smoker.

Prior to cleaning your smoker with pellets, shut off the power and then unplug it. Apart from cleaning your grill’s grates, which is performed when your grill gets hot other cleaning tasks must be completed when the charcoal grill has cooled and is removed from the source of power. This will prevent burns from hot grease or hot surfaces and ensures that you are protected as well as your pellet grill from harm.

Also, you should clear the hopper before you begin any cleaning task that requires soap, water, or any other liquid cleaner. If the wood pellets become wet, they may expand and block the auger. To clear the pellets, take a quick dump and then place the pellets in the bucket.

Cleansing your smoker may be a mess even if you’ve not done it for a whileIf you’ve recently did a power wash on your patio but do not want to put grease on your grill then you might want to drag your grill out of the garage or driveway before getting into.

After you’ve cleaned your grill using any degreaser ensure you’ve burned it off for about forty-five minutes with a hot temperature (above 400). The pellet grill’s manual will outline the exact procedure to the proper burn-off temperatures and times. It is generally simpler to do a deep clean both on the outside and inside the pellet grill simultaneously.


Once your grill is fully chilled take off the cap of the smokestack. With a wooden or brush scraper, scrape the interior of the smokestack to get rid of any remaining residue. Make use of a paper towel to remove any remaining ash and soot. Cleaning the chimney cap with the softness of a cloth using cleaner or Bbq degreaser. Dry the cap completely prior to placing it back on the smokestack.


To clean the drain and bucket Remove the bucket once the grill is turned off. Utilize your scraper to take any grease that is in the drain opening located at in the middle of the drip tray. Scrape the inner part of the drainage tube which connects to the grease bucket , and take off any grease that is left with an absorbent paper towel.

Tips: Use an empty drip bucket liner, or create your own using aluminum foil for quick and simple clean-up.

Clean the bucket of grease by scrubbing off the grease using scrapers made of wood or plastic Because grease can be extremely messy, it’s best not to use a nice nylon brush for this job. Then, empty the grease into a container you are able to dispose of and then directly in the garbage. Grease should not be poured into the drain or the gutter. Make sure the grease has completely cool before disposing of it, since grease is flammable.

After you empty the bucket, it is possible to clean it with soap or water and cleaner. The degree of dirtiness the grease drip bucket gets does not impact how your grill works however, if you empty your grease bucket frequently it’ll be simpler to clean it the next time.

If your grill’s grease bucket has been exposed elements, ensure that you take it off after using since rainwater may spill over the top of the bucket, causing grease to spill onto the deck.


For spot-cleaning the exterior on your grill just use a dry cloth to get rid of dirt, grease and dirt fast. To conduct a thorough clean, make use of an easy cloth with soap and water stainless steel cleaner, or a barbecue degreaser. Use these tips to wash the exterior of your barbecue:

Make sure that the grill is cool before you spray any cleaner on the exterior of your grill.

Use the softest fabric or spray bottle. If you are spraying cleaner onto your grill made of pellets Be careful not to splash any food particles inside your grill. Beware of spraying stainless steel cleaner onto plastic components since it may cause the plastic components to degrade faster.

Allow the cleaner to rest for at least 30 seconds in order to dissolve any food or grease leftovers.

Wipe off the dirt using a clean cloth or a paper towel. If you are cleaning a stainless steel barbecue, clean it in exactly the direction of the grain. If the smoker is painted and you want to clean it in circles, do so.

Repeat the process until all grime and dirt is gone.

With a damp cloth, clean the grill’s surface to get rid of any remaining soap or cleaner remnants. Don’t wash the pellet grill with bucket or hose as water could get inside the hopper or grill, and cause damage to its electrical components , or even ruin the pellets.

Always disconnect your pellet grill from the power source prior to cleaning it with liquid or water cleaner. Let it be dry at least 24 hours prior to the next grilling session. Remove your wood pellets from the hopper prior to cleaning, and ensure that there isn’t water or cleaner inside the hopper before you put the pellets back into.


It is usually easier cleaning the grill’s interior in the same way as the exterior because the grill is disconnected, cold, and empty out of pellets made from wood. Cleansing the interior of your smoker takes numerous actions to make sure you are ensuring proper grill maintenance. This includes cleaning the drip tray for grease cleaning, vacuuming and scraping off the burn pot as well as cleaning on the grates of your grill.


To clean the drip tray, you must first remove the grill grates as well as any additional cooking racks. Utilize a griddle scraper remove grease from the surfaces of the tray. get rid of the scrubbed grease with an old towel. Clean the drip tray clean with an old towel or cloth. If you’d like to clean your grease drip tray using soapy liquid cleaner or water take it off the grill first. Dry the tray thoroughly before placing it back in the pellet smoker.


Clean-up of ash from your pellet grill ensures that your smoker is in perfect condition. A clean smoker will allow uniform cooking and makes the most flavorful barbecued ribs, pulled pork, cooked vegetables, or any other food you’d like to cook.

To clean your burner start by removing the drip tray for grease and heat deflector, which will allow you to access the burn pan. Be aware of the way they’re installed so they can be put back in once you’re finished. The burn pot is likely to be filled with dust and ash that you’ll have to clean. The most efficient method to clean the pellet smoker’s burn pot is to use the aid of a vacuum cleaner, or an Ash Vac. Utilize the hose to draw out all the ash . You can then clean away any remaining soot or ash with the clean cloth.

If you are you are deep cleaning your pellet grill following winter it is possible to take this an additional step and scrub the internal wall of your smoker in order to eliminate any grease or dirt that has accumulated. After you’ve vacuumed the ash away and scraper, you can use a tool with flat edges to scrape away debris from around the chamber. Rub the loose dirt using a non-metallic brush . Wipe the fire pit with a clean , dry cloth.

Use a wet towel to clean the inside of your grill. However, don’t use water directly in the burner. Be careful not to harm the electrical elements, and let the grill completely dry before using. After your burn pan is clean, you can replace the grates, and drip tray.

If your grill comes with an ash bin, this is the perfect moment to clean it. Ash collection systems make it simple to get rid of ash accumulation and let you keep your burn pot cleaner less frequently, since they can be used to remove a large amount of dust that usually accumulates in the pellet smoker.


Cleaning your smoker grates made of pellet every time you cook on your grill ensures that your food stays delicious and fresh so that your barbecue guests will always be satisfied. There are two methods of cleaning the grates in your grill: hot or cold. Follow these steps to learn cleaning your grill prior to or after use:

Cold Method (Before Cooking):

Make sure your grill is not plugged in and cool

Clean grill grates, then clean using bbq degreaser, along with washing with soap and water. Some pellet grills come with dishwasher safe grates. If they do not, they can be cleaned using a sink, or using an electric garden hose or pressure washer. If they’re painted, be cautious when using the pressure washer.

Clean the grates thoroughly: Use a spatula or brush in order to clean the grates in order to get rid of any residue left.

Hot Method (After Cooking):

Place your grill at the highest temperature. Grill grates are easy to clean after they’re hot. And your grill will perform most of the job for you. After cooking, you can turn on your barbecue to its most extreme temperature and let it get to a complete temperature.

Perform a burn off: Allow 10 to 15 minutes for your grill burn away any rest of the food and grease left on the grill’s grates. A burn off helps to loosen the grease that has remained stuck and makes it simple to remove the Ash.

The grates should be scrubbed thoroughly. Use a spatula or brush for scrubbing the grills in order to eliminate any remaining residue. Since the grill is hot, it’s best to make use of a long-handled bristle or scraper. It is also possible to clean your grill’s grates while wearing oven mitts or grill glove to prevent burning.


It’s likely that you’re eager to get outside and have your grill clean for season. Here are a few additional pellet smoker cleaning tips on ways to make sure your grill is in tip-top shape throughout the summer:

Make sure the grill’s interior dry. The pellet grill is comprised of electronic components, including an electronic controller the auger motor as well as the igniter, fan and other componentswhich can be damaged by moisture or water. Avoid using liquid or water cleaners inside your grill for as long as possible. If you decide to make use of a liquid cleaner be sure to apply it using a damp cloth. Don’t spray or dump the water straight into your smoker pellets or the smokestack.

Make use of tin foil to facilitate cleaning One of the most effective BBQ cleaning suggestions is to make use of Tin foil to make the task more simple. If you don’t wish to scrub all of your drip pans and bucket constantly You can line both with the heavy aluminum foil. If your drip tray becomes filthy, simply remove the foil and replace it. If you are adding foil made of tin on your grill wash the tray prior to covering it with foil.

Get a grill cover A grill cover made of pellets can shield the exterior part of the grill rain and dirt which can cause damage to grill components. Grill covers are particularly useful to stop your wood pellets from becoming saturated and clogging your auger.

Place your barbecue in an air-tight location It is a good idea to keep your grill out and ready throughout summer but you must keep it away from rain and out of the humidity as much as is possible. Make sure to put your grill into a covered area on days of rain for example, like onto your porch or in your garage. In winter, keep your grill in a covered area to protect it from moisture, snow and even animals.

Make sure you use high-quality wood pellets. BBQ pellets already have the advantage of producing less as much ash than charcoal or firewood since they have a higher efficiency of burning. The best cooking pellets made from 100% wood will create less ash, which will help ensure your grill stays clean throughout summer.

If you follow these pellet grill maintenance and cleaning strategies, you can keep your grill in good condition for many years to follow. Cleansing your pellet grill regularly allows you to enjoy the finest tasting food available, be it cooked, grilled, smoked or barbecued.


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