How to get ISO certification?

With the increase in the product range in the market, it has become very difficult to know which product is good and which one is not. So to solve these problems of the customers, the government has now adopted the ISOP certification with collaboration with various local organizations. This ISO certification gives a standard procedure that every manufacturing company has to follow. Many ISO certification companies in India are related to different standards that are made for different sectors of the market.

The most common iso standards are ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 2008, ISO 27O01, and ISO 22008. Nowadays it has become very important for companies to get themselves certified with the standards so that they can increase their level in the market.

Here is the process that a company needs to follow for ISO certification.

  • Choose the type of ISO certification: There are so many types of certification available in India nowadays. Different certifications are for different purposes like ISO 9001 2008 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environment management, ISO 27001 for information security management, and ISO 22008 for food safety management.
  • Choose the ISI certification body: It is very important to choose a well-recognized certification body. Various things are to be kept in mind while choosing the registrar like ISO certification service providers, check that the ISO body is following CASCO standards, and also check whether the body is accredited or not.
  • Create an application: Once you have a right Iso certification body, you need to create an application which will be like a contract that will define all obligations and rights of both parties’ i.e the registrar and the applicant.
  • Quality document review: The iso auditor will review all the quality manuals of the company and also all the documents regarding the policies and the procedure that is followed by the company. This review of the things will help to identify all the possible gaps that are against the standards of Iso.
  • Make an action plan: After the opinion of the iso auditor, the company will come to know about the existing gaps. According to that prepare a list of things that are required to eliminate the gaps. These required changes will bring change in the working style of the company. Do make all the employees aware of the ISO standards so that they can work according to them and more efficiently.
  • Initial certification audit: This process is divided into two categories i.e stage 1 and stage 2. In stage 1 the auditor will check all the required changes made by the organization and will try to identify any other formality that is to be done. If there is any company that needs to in stage 2 the auditor will give a final check and will make sure that he is satisfied with everything.
  • Completing the ISO certification: After all these formalities, the registrar will grant permission for the certification.

By following this procedure any company can get certified with ISO. It is better to go to the ISO certification in Chennai.


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