How Phygital Can Help Your Business

Companies have become increasingly reclusive in recent years as the Internet has become all-too-easy to use for research and purchasing. As such, many companies have failed to fully grasp the unique opportunities that the Internet presents to them. Phygital, a web-based solution, allows companies the ability to remain engaged in their customers’ lives by creating a bridge between them and their online customers. By utilizing a social shopping site such as Phytofresh, businesses can connect their social media experiences from their Web sites to their brick-and-mortar locations. A social shopping experience provides businesses with a chance to provide more personalized customer service, engage their clients in a more personal fashion, and greatly improve brand awareness.

Phygital’s team of social media specialists merge both the worlds of commerce and brick-and-mortar retail. Brands are remodeling their retail experience to a true virtual combination of both the virtual and real worlds – Phygital. A physical store lets customers recreate the in-site retail experience at home by allowing them to interact with product promotions and sales associates in real-time, request any questions that they may have and get personalized recommendations and more. Phygital’s team of sales and customer service specialists will even go out of their way to make sure your transactions run smoothly. If you’re ready to take your ecommerce experience to the next level, Phygital is the place to start.

It is the best Shopify alternative so you don’t need to have extra staff just like Shopify virtual assistant.

The key to creating an augmented reality experience for your customers is taking advantage of Phygital’s state of the art technology. augmented reality refers to the integration of digital information such as coupons and discounts with in-site products. Phygital uses technology that enables customers to see coupons and promo items within the store itself. In doing so, the online customer experiences a pop up similar to what they would see on the internet, but is able to take it into the “store” and feel the products for themselves.

Along with the use of this cutting edge technology, retailers need to create an experience that will set their stores apart from their competitors. They cannot afford to be viewed as just another e-commerce company that sells mostly the same products as their competition. Retailers need to have an edge over their competitors in order to be successful. Phygital and its partners offer retailers everything they need to create this unique online shopping experience.

The real power of Phygital is in its ability to help its clients create a one-of-a-kind experience for their customers. Phygital’s experience designers take into account the unique needs and desires of their clientele in order to design websites and marketing strategies that will deliver the best experience possible for their customers. A company that offers its customers this exceptional level of customer service can draw in new customers, convert those new customers into regular buyers, and increase the profitability of the company’s business operation. With a complete array of mobile commerce capabilities in place, the Phygital Store is well on its way to increasing its customer base.

To further enhance the experience for its customers, many retail stores including Phygital have integrated the use of augmented reality into their website design and marketing strategy. Augmented reality refers to the use of digital technologies in order to give the impression that products or items being displayed are real when in actuality they are not. For example, the Phygital Store uses the world’s most advanced in-house AR technology to allow customers to browse through a selection of designer wear. Customers are then able to choose and buy specific items by touching the virtual screen. This makes the Phygital Store an ideal solution for retail stores that want to increase customer awareness while also lowering costs.

Another way in which Phygital has maximized its potential as an e-commerce platform lies in its marketing strategy. The company has invested a significant amount of time and money in establishing its own in-house creative marketing team. This group of experts includes a web development company in order to create cutting-edge, high-quality images and graphics that will appear as authentic as possible. In addition to these digital technologies, the company also employs traditional marketing tactics in order to increase awareness of its products. Phygital’s marketing team has worked closely with local companies in order to create in-store displays and promotions that utilize mobile technology, allowing customers to be informed about new products as well as special discounts and promotions.

Integrating Phytital retail technology with the rest of the business means that retailers no longer have to worry about spending time and money creating unique websites. Instead, it’s up to the retailers themselves to determine how they wish to present the information they have in a compelling and functional format. With the help of a talented web development team, this can be done without spending a great deal of money. In fact, many retailers that have chosen to integrate Phygital into their businesses find that it actually helps them save money. Since all purchases are handled on a commission basis, this means that more money can be saved for other categories within the company or added to other revenue streams.


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