How Can Verisure Smart Alarm System Prevents Burglary?

For years, people trust their intuition and vigilance to warn them about any break-in and secure their property. From shattering of the window to barking dogs always act as a security alert. Then, verisure smart alarm system made an entry, and this technology has made its mark in the industry quickly. However, the concerns regarding how effective alarms are in preventing the burglars from the robbery act.

Do Security Alarm System Work?

The report has shown that in the last year alone records for more than 410,000 burglaries. This makes an average of 2 for every 100 households. We all have also encountered a situation where we are having a relaxing time at home, and suddenly we are interrupted by high-powered sirens.

These sirens should alert us that something is wrong. However, a survey of 1000 households reveals that one third of the respondents would do nothing about this.

It’s surveys like this which cause some people to question the point of alarms. A cynic may add that, with neighbours like that, who needs enemies? Well, fortunately, the impact of alarms goes well beyond alerting neighbours to a potential intruder in the street.

In a nutshell, security alarms really work. A crime study reported that 75% of the surveyed households that did not encounter such unfortunate incidents have security systems installed. On the other hand, two-third of the houses that had been burgled had no alarm system.

The Visual Deterrent

The key of any alarm system is to be visible from the outside. A survey conducted from the convicted burglars revealed that an alarm system’s sight deterred 60% of them. Those convicted burglars agreed that they avoid breaking into the house with alarms and moving on to the next one.

Almost all the burglars are intuitive. When they see an alarm, they knew that the homeowner is conscious of their home security or business security. So instead of taking the risk and being caught in the act, the burglars usually halt their plans and switch their attention to more vulnerable options. This means a property with open doors and windows.

verisure smart alarm system

Why You Need a Home Alarm System? 

If the alarms are not visible, then the burglars will make an attempt on entering the property. At this point, the alarm comes to the rescue. Most of the alarm systems make loud noises to alert the neighbour houses. However, criminals have also become wise in this regard. They know that robbery does not take more than 10 min and the average time of the UK police to arrive at the crime scene is 12 min. 

With verisure alarm, you are making your property secure. The dedicated staff monitor the place 24 hours a day and stay alert for any suspicious activity. They respond to the alarm quickly and efficiently.

Alarms Are Just The Start

According to the UK Police Department, alarms have become the main part of any security system. They act as the visual deterrent as it can not stop the burglar from entering your home. Many security companies have also stressed using a high-powered siren and should be part of all homes and business.

The professional security officers can visit your property premises and analyse the measures that you need. This includes the need for ZeroVision fog alarm, smart key readers, perimeter detectors or high-definition surveillance cameras.

Want More Information?

If you are still confused about what type of security alarm best fits your needs, or simply like a bit of advice from security professionals, contact Alarm Are Us or visit their website. They provide prompt response and answer all your pressing questions.

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