How are Vivo mobiles different from other brand mobiles?

With sales volume reaching almost 45 million units worldwide, Vivo has become the 10th best smartphone manufacturing brand worldwide. Currently, Vivo is one of the fastest-growing phone manufacturers in India, with its mobile phone models holding nearly 16% of India’s smartphone market in the third quarter of 2020. 

Vivo outshines over its peers, thanks to the substantial value for money its phones have on offer. Vivo phones under 10000 further hold a large segment of India’s budget smartphones, with devices offering suitable value and adequate processing power for average consumers.

How Vivo phones differ from other manufacturers?

There are several reasons why Vivo’s devices won a large chunk of India’s smartphone market, especially when most, if not all, of world’s major manufacturers vie to create demand for their smartphones. Let’s take a look at the reasons.

  1. Capable computing power –

Vivo’s devices offer unprecedented value for money for every customer, offering some of the best configurations at a given price range. A significant number of Vivo’s devices utilise Snapdragon’s chipset (especially the mid and high-tier devices), whereas the budget phones carry processors from Mediatek’s house. It enables even budget models such as Vivo phones under 10000 provide excellent performance and adequate power backup for an average customer to sail through everyday use.

Pairing that with 4 to 6 GB RAM allows lagless performance, even for heavy tasks like graphics-intensive gaming. Whether a customer uses these phones for gaming or for common tasks like accessing social media, browsing through the internet, etc., these turn out to be some of the best phone models providing sufficient performance for their value.

  1. More battery capacity –

Even budget Vivo phones carry high-capacity batteries, which can be as much as 5000mAh, depending on the model. Users can easily get an entire day’s worth of backup with ordinary use, whereas extensive media consumption, gaming, or screen-on sessions may require plugging in afterwards. 

A high battery capacity thus allows for more run-time, which is why Vivo phones are one of the favourites for individuals who spend a significant amount of time away from a wall socket. 

  1. Excellent camera quality and performance –

Vivo is one of the budget-friendly manufacturers who regularly offer multiple-camera arrays in their smartphones. Even Vivo phones under 10000 sport camera systems that combine multiple sensors to shoot high-resolution, true-to-life photographs. 

Some of the latest Vivo models can sport as many as four independent sensors, tuned to capture wide-angle, depth, and even macro pictures. While these may get somewhat expensive, one can easily use EMI facilities offered by financial institutions. Financial instruments like the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card allow customers to seek financing from more than 1 lakh outlets located throughout India, ensuring easier affordability of such pricy smartphones.

Existing customers can also enjoy pre-approved offers from the card provider, which simplify the application process and help save time. Such offers are provided against several financial products, such as personal loans, credit cards, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer online by sharing only some essential details.

Other than the reasons already mentioned, there are several other factors that allow Vivo, as a company, to stand out from their competition. For example, Vivo has established an extensive retail network pan-India, which allows customers to easily find, trial, and purchase their best phones. Vivo phones are also available online, which provides a digital platform for prospective customers to purchase from the comfort of their home. 

Additionally, availing the EMI facility, such as that offered under the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, makes the acquisition process even more pocket-friendly. A combination of all these factors helped Vivo secure third position in India’s smartphone market, immediately after industry giants like Samsung and Xiaomi. 

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