How A Beginner To Use a Smartphone on Android?

Hello everybody. This article is about how a beginner to use a smartphone on Android and for those who have decided to change their device to a new one and want to be more careful with it.

The first thing a buyer will face after purchasing an Android smartphone is its initial setup. It will include: setting the language, region, changing the date and time, enabling / disabling location, ensuring security and creating a Google account. This stage of the setup should be taken very seriously, more on that later.

How a beginner to use a smartphone on Android

First advice

During the initial setup, you will be prompted to set a password, pattern, or pin to unlock the device. This is where you should think carefully since it will not be easy to undo this setting in the future. As a toy, this function will quickly get bored and you will have to turn to specialists or try the methods proposed on the network, many of which will lead to the inoperative state of the smartphone.

This feature can be installed later. And it’s better to find out in advance how it turns off in your version of Android.

Second tip

Google account allows you to log in to the Google Play service and install various applications – both paid and free. To purchase paid applications, you must link a bank card to your account. Make sure you have subscribed to Zong supreme offer to avoid any difficulties.

Quite often, a Google account is registered after a long time, when there is a need to use Google services. Sloppy device users lose or forget the password and login from the account. Therefore, I advise you to write down your username and password not on a piece of paper, but in a regular work notebook and keep it in a safe and accessible place for you.

Android is tightly connected with all Google services and the loss of a password sometimes goes sideways. For example, you forgot your pattern and cannot unlock the device, the first thing that can help is the password and login from Google. In a different situation, the service center is crying for the device, where specialists will have to pay for unlocking the smartphone.

Third tip

The main reason for frequent system crashes is low-quality software that the user installs from unverified sources. The Android mobile OS is open to users, so it allows them to install programs from unofficial stores, with lethal consequences.

I recommend – install applications using only the official store – Google Play. At this stage, one of the functions will protect, which will prevent the download of a third-party application until it is disabled.

Any user needs programs for work or leisure, but it happens that they are paid in the official store and therefore many are looking for sites where everything is free. Be careful, it is better to overpay for the application than to suffer from it later when it disables your new device or donates your data, using which the scammers will clear bank accounts.

Fourth tip

This tip will help reduce the risk of getting malware on your phone, but it will not protect the user 100 percent. Therefore, you should install good antiviruses, for example, Dr.Web, Avast, Kaspersky. Antivirus must be installed based on the version of the operating system, as well as taste preferences. The Android operating system ranks first in the attack of viruses and scammers often use this to lure money from gullible users.

Using, for example, the Avast antivirus program, you can not only protect your smartphone from viruses, but also from loss or theft, and if it does fall into the wrong hands, then you will not be able to use it.

Google is also able to locate a lost device and give you the ability to block it.

Fifth advice

The penultimate tip is aimed at optimizing your device. Android allows you to completely change all the design elements that the manufacturer has installed. The main thing is not to overdo it when installing various launchers. After all, the more processes a smartphone performs, the more difficult it will be for it to process all the information. The user can choose the keyboard that suits him best. He has a wide range of themes to highlight his personality.

There are applications that will really save battery power without letting background processes gobble it up.

And do not forget to clean Android from unnecessary garbage in terms of the system. Surfing the Internet, installing applications and other activities leave behind unnecessary files that gradually take up free memory space. Here you can recommend CD Maid cleaner – this is one of the best cleaners to put things in order on Android.

Sixth tip

Smartphones running Google operating systems sometimes freeze. This rarely happens, but it does happen. Therefore, read the instructions on how to reboot the device using physical keys. This last tip will save you enough time looking for a solution to your problem.

To summarize, to use a new smartphone on the Android operating system and still have fun.

From the user you need:

  1. Pay close attention to the initial settings.
  2. Register a Google account and remember it well.
  3. Use the official store to install applications.
  4. Choose a convenient antivirus.
  5. Optimize your smartphone to meet your needs.
  6. Learn how to reboot the phone using the physical keys.

If you follow these simple tips, a novice user will be able to use their Android smartphone one hundred percent without fear that something will happen to him.

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