Having your Car Stuck in Mud or Sand? How to Unstuck it Hassle-Free

When you travel from Melbourne to Sydney or any other city of Australia, getting your vehicle stuck in mud is always frustrating. It makes you feel awful to go through all that inconvenience to unstick your car again and finally hit the road. However, in this post, we will discuss with you the most effective way you can get your car out of mud or sand when it seems like nothing but trouble. Follow these basic principles or car recovery and feel happy again. 

Basic Principles of Vehicle Recovery from Mud or Sand

When you get top dollars in cash for cars from car removal services in Melbourne, it is an awful experience to get a new car stuck in mud. Getting your car out of a muddy place or sand requires you to understand some basic principles of safe driving to ever avoid such a situation in Melbourne. Car removal services are also available to make the job easier for you. Always keep the following things in your mind:

  • Most drivers think that trying to push the accelerator deeper will surely get them out of mud or sand. However, this strategy works exactly oppositely and further digs a deeper hole in sand to trap your vehicle’s tires underneath. 
  • When your car is thoroughly stuck in gut-wrenching sand, it may damage your tires on a permanent basis and create holes in them. You can also damage your car’s axles, drivelines, and transmissions. 
  • When you want to get out of sand or mud quickly, then the No.1 principle is to improve traction by increasing the contact patch that each wheel makes with ground. This will help you to use this momentum in your favor and pull the car out of that fallacious pit of mud. 
  • Always make sure that you are not isolated from other people and always communicating your situation with friends and family members on the phone. You can also ask for help from other drivers across the road and communicate with them regarding what is happening with your stuck wheels. 
  • The fact remains that whatever method you use for recovering your car from mud, no method is perfect. That mostly varies according to the type of your car or truck. That also depends on how badly your vehicle is stuck in sand or mud. That means you will have to go through a rough time or with a trial and error process to unstick such as car. 

Understand the severity of Situation

First, you need to realize that you are in a messy situation. Simply try to get out of your car and leave nobody inside, not even your dog. If your axles and wheels are buried under wet mud, then the material will become more dirty and slippery. Use a two-wheel snatch method. 

Some very old cars might not be worth the effort. For such vehicles, call local car wrecker company to get maximum cash for them on the spot.

Two-Wheel Snatch Method 

This method is not simple; however, you can excite it perfectly to save a lot of trouble. First, attaché the snatch strap to the recovery point of your car. Next, lay it on the ground in front of the car. Stretch the snatch strap to its full extension and rebound. That will pull the stuck car out of the muddy waters. Now speed up the vehicle to accelerate in a straight line and repeat the same attempts to propel vehicle into a great momentum. This will get you out of trouble most probably! 

However, understand that two wheel snatch method is not always successful and you may have to use some other means to unstick your stuck car. As long as you can move your vehicle slight in the forward direction or backwards, the car can come out of the state of being thoroughly stuck. Then it is up to momentum to pull it out of mud completely.

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