Guidance by Phone Repair Store When your Device falls in Water

According to experts at a phone repair store, the most common issue that they fix is the devices have fallen into the water, and the internal functions get damaged. This article explains the signs that the technicians look for and what the mobile users should do immediately after the phone falls into the water.

Water Damage Signs Technicians at a Phone Repair Store can Detect

There are three signs that the repair mechanics look for in the device that will indicate whether the damage is deep-rooted or just in the outer case. The mobile users should also know about them to explain them to the technicians accordingly.

Water Bubbles Inside the Device Screen

If you notice bubbles inside the screen, water has reached inside the device. You might want to remove the protective covering to ensure where the water is present.

Headphone and Charging Port has Problem

You must dry the device before turning it on. You have to check if the mobile is charging or the headphones are working. This is an indication that the functions of the phone have been damaged.

Color Charges Inside the Charging Port

There is a small spot present inside the charger or headphone port. If the color changes to maroon or red, then the water has damaged the internal functions of the mobile device.

Guidelines by Cell Phone Repair Center After Device Falls in Water

Many people have queries about water-damaging mobile phones, and specifically, they want to know what should be done if they accidentally drop the device in the water. The technicians at repair shops like Moss Tech 242 will suggest the following guidelines.

Immediately Turn Off the Cell Phone

After taking the device from the water, you should immediately turn off the phone. This is done so that water doesn’t reach inside and the functions working are not further damaged.

Detach the Accessories

The most important accessories you should detach are the battery, SIM, and memory cards. This way, you can save your data and the device from damage. The batteries of the latest mobile devices can’t be removed, so you should take the device to a repair technician.

Wipe Off all Moisture from the Device

Using a towel or blotting paper, you can pat dry your mobile. If possible, open the casing, remove the battery, and dry the inside of the device.

Switch The Device Back On

Many people will deem this step of switching the device on as dangerous, but this is necessary because it will reveal the extent of the damage done. If some functions are working, then minimal damage is done.

Never Place Mobile Device in the Sun

It is important to note that you remember not to place the mobile device in the sun to dry it out. Although it might dry out the phone, it will also heat the device when it is turned back on.

Use Silica Gels to Absorb the Moisture

Some individuals might suggest soaking the phone in a bowl of raw rice, but it will only absorb moisture from the outside. Instead, silica gels might dry up maximum water.

These are the guidelines technicians at a phone repair store will provide when your mobile falls into the water.

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