eToro Review

It was established in 2007 and with its headquarters in the U.K., eToro has more than 17 million users across more than 100 countries. There were thousands of users registered across 43 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. at the time of the 2018. At first, eToro was a graphic-intensive forex trading platform. It has since modified its tools to trade in cryptocurrency. Non-U.S. customers can to trade various asset classes, like contracts for difference (CFDs) and stocks on a variety of exchanges. This article is focused on the unique options offered through eToro for U.S. residents versus non-U.S. customers.

eToro has revealed plans to publicly share its business through an SPAC merger that is led by Betsy Cohen, the Chair of Fintech Acquisition Corp IV. An estimated $650m was collected by investors , including Fidelity Management, Research ION Investment Group, Softbank Vision Fund II, Third Point LLC, and Wellington Management. eToro is estimated to be $10.4 billion.

United States residents who live in Delaware, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, Puerto Rico, or Tennessee can open an account, but cannot trade. The residents of Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa and Guam, American Samoa, and Guam, American Samoa, and the US Virgin Islands may not be customers. The company is registered with all of the other states, which permits residents to open accounts and trade.

The platform is intended for those who have an appreciation of fundamentals of cryptocurrency and forex markets. The well-known withdrawal fees were eliminated in the case for U.S. customers, though there’s a $5 charge for customers from other countries.


  • U.S. residents in registered states are able to use cryptocurrency trading.
  • The commissions on expensive products aren’t paid out but eToro is the one that will pay for the spread.
  • The platform is easy to use and comes with a graphic user interface.
  • Traders are able to copy and emulate their trading habits of traders who have a profit.

Who eToro Is For

EToro is a graphically-oriented platform that serves traders who trade in cryptocurrency within the U.S. Customers outside of the U.S. are able to trade in securities and contracts for differences. One of the biggest benefits of this particular system is the ease of an individual user’s level of applying an imitation trading. The etoro review platform is a platform for traders who want to be copied , and who comply with risk-control rules. The access allows customers with retail accounts copy the trading strategies of most successful clients immediately and immediately. It is important to note that copy trading alone isn’t a guarantee of gains or losses.

The firm currently does not offer equity trading services for U.S. customers. (When it becomes available, we will update our review.)


  • 15 cryptocurrencies can be traded at any point during the entire day.
  • Mobile website and application that is simple to use
  • A great community for traders of cryptocurrency


  • The spreads of trading in cryptocurrency are very wide.
  • An initial investment of at least $25 will be needed for the purchase of any cryptocurrency
  • The minimal requirements for copy trading are usually very high. The majority of copy trading

Pros Explained

  • U.S. customers have access to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP.
  • The mobile and the website are nearly identical, gorgeously laid out and easy to navigate.
  • Traders can see what other traders on the website are doing and follow the advice of certain users who allow traders to duplicate their trading.

Cons Explained

  • There aren’t any specific commissions to be paid. However, trades are executed with specific spreads that differ between different coins. Some spreads are quite large.
  • The minimum cost for purchasing each cryptocurrency is $25. This will make it difficult for those with small accounts to allocate their funds over the larger number of coins.
  • Although you’ll have the ability to observe the trading patterns of many of the most well-known traders, you’ll need be able to pay a higher amount in order to replicate their trades. Most require at least $200 per duplicate.


Setting up a new account is easy and is done via the web. After you’ve completed all the required information, it can take up to a couple of days for verification of your identity and for the account to be set up. U.S. residents can open accounts for just $50, as could Australian residents. The minimum deposit requirement by citizens of Algeria could be up to $5,000. Other nations also require a minimum of $1,000 to open an account (a temporarily higher amount than the standard $200, as stated on the site of eToro). eToro utilizes Plaid to link the bank account you have with an account for trading. Certain countries, apart from the U.S., you can transfer funds to your account with credit cards along with PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Rapid Transfer, iDEAL and Sofort.

Trade Experience

Trades are easy to make. Simply click”Trade” either “Trade” button while viewing the specific coin in your portfolio. It’s easy to find a “Buy” button on your portfolio’s list for selling any specific coin. Just click or tap the drop-down arrow and select “Sell” from that list. It is possible to end a transaction in a single transaction, or a small portion of it, in the event that you’ve purchased the coin in several lot, but you are unable to sell only the fraction of a lot. For instance, if you buy the equivalent of $25 in Bitcoin and then decide to consider selling it, you have to close the entire transaction rather than selling just $10 worth.

Watchlists are created by the users which can be personalized and shared with mobile apps.

Certain non-U.S. type of assets allow the setting of an amount before opening the position, but this feature isn’t included in the version which is offered to U.S. residents. When you duplicate trades, and you’d like to change the amount to match the maximum drawdown.

Mobile Trade Experience

Trading on a mobile device is similar to the ordering experience on the internet. There aren’t as many analytics options in mobile apps but, generally speaking, you will experience the same.

Range of Offerings

eToro offers 17 cryptocurrency options, and is available to citizens of every state. There aren’t any short-sales as well as fixed income choices mutual funds offered.

Order Types

The kinds of orders that are available the U.S. customers are limited to orders for market. There aren’t any conditions to orders. Certain stop-limit orders can be placed in the event of opening a trade in the future. After opening a position, you are able to select the stop-loss option from the portfolio listing, however it’s not possible to make this selection immediately upon opening the order. For non-U.S. customers, clients can choose a buy-rate and an stop-loss. It is also possible to earn profit when you open the account.

Trading Technology

The algorithms for trading at eToro aren’t fully explained. As stock trading isn’t available to consumers within the U.S., there are no details about the payment procedure for orders.

We offer a virtual platform to understand the various asset classes offered and how it works at your location by switching from “Real” to Virtual,” just below your username after you’ve been logged in.


The costs for eToro are based on the region you’re in as well as the kinds of assets being traded:

  • U.S. customers trading cryptocurrencies pay 0.75%-5.0 percent according to the currency used to trade. It is a component of the price at moment of execution but is not revealed.
  • Non-U.S. clients who trade in stocks don’t have to have to pay commissions on the closing and opening of an account. Sales of shorts are subject to an added fee in the amount of 0.18 percentage of amount for the trade.
  • Non-U.S. buyers of items that aren’t listed in their local currency, such as those from the U.K. customer buying a U.S. stock, will be charged a fee for conversion.
  • The penalty for inactivity is 10 dollars per year for accounts with no activity over the course of 12 months.
  • There is no cost for cash withdrawals from U.S. customers, but you must withdraw a minimum of $30.
  • In countries other than the U.S., the withdrawal cost is $5.
  • A cryptocurrency’s transfer from eToro in your own personal account can be subject to an charge with minimums to each currency. Check out the price and fees table for more information.

Research Amenities

There isn’t a hub for research that is available through the eToro platform. You can study specific characteristics of each cryptocurrency, like charts and analysis on the website. This News feed is comprised of posts from various eToro users. When you click Help then select News and Analysis, a new tab will be opened with an unorganized set of blog articles. It doesn’t contain any screen nor trade ideas creators.

Portfolio Analysis

There isn’t much analysis of portfolios available in the application. The Portfolio tab displays your current portfolio , as well as their value changes as you begin the position. You can alter the order of columns of the Portfolio list or alter one of them through “Net Invested” or “Fees” if you want, however , customization options are limited. If you select one of the personal (or and any) account, you’ll be able to access an insight into the profitability of trading.


The tools for education aren’t overly weighty for U.S. customers. If you select Help Center on the Company drop-down menu You’ll be able to navigate to a page organized with topics that allow you to browse educational content about your eToro account. This includes investment and trading, eToro account, withdrawals and deposits as well in other. You can also conduct a thorough search on the homepage of the website “The Complete Guide to Fintech.” It’s worthwhile to read the section which explains how eToro’s Copy Portfolios work if you’re planning to follow the same traders.

If you aren’t within the U.S., there are regular webinars scheduled that focus on the basics of trading the stock market, currencies, as well as crypto currency. The webinar link isn’t available in the U.S. version of the website, however , you can sign up to watch the webinars at your own convenience. Non-U.S. customers can access this feature on the eToro Media Center under the Company tab. It includes tutorials, podcasts, and video tutorials, and blog posts.

Customer Service

Accounts with a balance less than $5,000 are able to get help online. If you’re experiencing an emergency you may submit an issue ticket to customer service. You can speak to live chat agents when you click the blue light on the chat. The various levels are part of eToro’s Club that begin when you have a with a balance of at least $5,000 you’ll assign an account administrator. Accounts with balances greater than $25,000 and are in the Platinum Club level and above benefit from perks such as priority customer support. Because the typical level of support offered to customers can take up to 14 days to get the answer to be provided, priority service is greatly valued.

It is important to note that support by telephone is not available (except in Australia) Additionally there isn’t live support available for brokers. Chat is accessible online via the Customer Service page.


  • Mobile biometrics can now be used to be authenticated with biometrics software.
  • There isn’t an further SIPC assurance (once trading in stocks is permitted within the U.S.)
  • Registered in Cyprus

Our Verdict

eToro allows newbies to trade on cryptocurrency an amazing platform that’s extremely easy to use, until you need help. The resources for research are very limited and you’ll have to look to find and set up a couple of new tabs on your browser in order to access the resources for education available.

It’s a different situation for U.S.-based customers contrasted to customers outside of within the U.S., who can trade other asset classes as well as shares across fifteen countries. It is possible to transfer

Transferring cryptocurrency assets in an external wallet is not widespread and could be appealing to investors who want to utilize the Bitcoin reserves for purposes other aside from trading.


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